When choosing vessels you must consider the following requirements: age of the child and the level of physical development; health; the child's relationship to the water element.
Rubber rings on the neck of gain for children from a very young age. Basically, they recommend that children from four months of life, although many parents are beginning to use them yet. The size of the circle is approximately 40 cm external diameter and 8 inches internal. For children one year of age will approach a circle with an inner diameter of 9.8 inches and 37 inches - external. If the circle is set sticky clasp, with its help you will be able to adjust the inner diameter.
Any device for swimming shall be equipped with a latch chin, which prevents the ingress of water into the body of the child. In order to choose a good round, you need to pay attention to his inner seam, since the hard inner surface will contribute to the chafing of the delicate skin of the child.
For children one to two years, you can choose a tube with shorts. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that the circle is equipped with two slots for the feet, due to which eliminated the possibility of loss. Data of inflatable walkers allow the child to feel more confident in the water, work the coordination of arms and legs. The circle is designed for children weighing up to 13 kilograms. When you purchase this product you should pay attention to this indicator. If the weight of the child will exceed the maximum load of the lap, the toddler can easily roll over.
Children from the age of three suitable conventional rubber ring. Before buying the product, be sure to try it on your child. The diameter should not exceed the waist, otherwise the child can easily slip out of it when bathing. Also pay attention to the quality of the seam, to the junction of the material was soft. The optimum diameter of the circle must be: for a three-year child – 50 cm, for children from 6 years to 61 cm for older children – 61 cm and more. This circle allows the child to safely be in the water, but also prepares for independence, assisting in teaching swimming.
Rubber ring with handles necessary for sensitive children, since the additional fixtures will allow them to be more confident in the water. Because of this, they with much more desire to swim.