Roller skating – a favorite summer pastime of many, and for it to be safe, you should follow certain rules when choosing skates. A guarantee of comfort and safety for the young roller – sports equipment from a reliable manufacturer. Do not skimp on roller skates for a child: too cheap skates can be uncomfortable while riding, the child will experience discomfort that will adversely affect not only the mood and the state of the musculoskeletal system. It is best to stay on the time tested manufacturers of roller skates having a great reputation all over the world: Rollerblade, Roces, Michelin, Fila. Quality skates is the safety and health of the child.
The characteristic feature that distinguishes children's videos from adults is a sliding system that allows the skate to "grow" with its owner. Changing the size of the sliding skate, you can easily adapt it to the growing foot of the child. Children's skates, is equipped with a sliding system that will last your child a long time.
You can not buy videos that don't fit the child's foot. The minimum size of the skates should exactly match the size of the child's feet at the moment. The skates should fit, the foot should not hang out inside the Shoe. If videos will not be the right size, the position of the feet is physiologically incorrect. Therefore, the rollers should be selected only together with the child. To do purchase without the child in the hope that the house gift come in size – a risky decision. Roller skates should be tried on 10-15 minutes: this is the only way to understand how this model is convenient how well it fits, if not experiencing leg discomfort. A good choice would be the model skate, the inner boot which has the ability to adapt to the anatomical shape of the leg. Usually these properties are all high-quality videos from leading manufacturers.
It is very important that the outer Shoe was made of durable hard plastic and equipped with solid lacing and fastening that secures the foot. If the foot leans to one side when you try your child to stand up or move places, you need to choose the model that will be tightly fix the ankle.
Finally, when you purchase rollers for a child it is impossible to forget about protection. Rare child, riding on roller skates without falling. Knee pads, elbow pads and a helmet or gear that will help prevent injury and make skating safer.