You must start from your inner feeling, because scenario of a relationship after love is over, can be unexpected. Understand yourself – what do you feel to this person. Hostility, affection or deeper sense? Perhaps to maintain the relationship you obligate a child or the need to see each other at work.
If people constantly cross in the company, greeting the former seems to be something mandatory. For example, it is difficult not to support the team and not congratulate ex-loved one or a favorite, if he/she is your boss. And employees who concurrently is your ex, it's hard to ignore.
If you feel antipathy to his former love, nobody has the right to dictate to you how to treat one. If no common ground can safely forget about his/her birthday and all the secondary holidays.
The woman from the relationship was a child, every year to congratulate the former on the holiday. It is advisable to maintain good relations for the sake of a shared child. It should focus on your current parts, if any. Not worth the extra stress a new passion ex-husband or wife ex-wife name about.
Another thing, if you want to renew the relationship, feeling that the love never died. In this case, you need to understand, does the object of your feelings. If he found new love and are happy in the relationship, it is not necessary to rastrelivat their wounds once again perezvanivali or communicating in social networks. But if the former/the former have not yet managed to get a mate, you can try your luck. Unobtrusive greeting is the best reason for the meeting.
How does greeting the former? If it is a duty, due to corporate ethics or the need to keep face for the sake of the child, you can use a text message or a postcard on the "Classmates". If to congratulate former is just an excuse to continue talking to you, you should do it in person.
Of course, without an invitation to come to the birthday is not necessary. But to call and scout. The easiest way to get to the celebration, the culprit who is a former/ex came with someone from mutual friends.
It often happens that people, after parting, do not consider it necessary to spoil the relationship, and continue to be friends, keeping sympathy to each other. In this case, it will not have issues like to congratulate the former on the holiday.