Liquid for soap bubbles

The secret of blowing the original and whimsical figures out of soap bubbles depends not only on your skill, but also on the components of the liquid used. In one of the most popular recipes of the liquid main component is glycerin. For the cooking liquid to bubble, add 100 ml shampoo 50 milliliters of glycerin and about 300 ml of water. This solution is perfect for devices to generate bubbles.

Ways to create a generator of soap bubbles

To create a real show of soap bubbles, you can use an ordinary balloon filled with air. For this purpose you can use spray varnish or spray. Another method would be purchasing atomizers for the aquarium. They will need to add hoses and cylinders of oxygen, to connect them together and to put on the end of pipe nozzles. Then the nozzles should be lowered into a container of liquid for bubbles. After opening the cylinder valve will present a colorful soap bubble show.

If you seriously decided to approach the creation of a generator, try to find a bag of old fans, the players and other electronics. For creativity you need: thick cardboard, utility knife, scissors, a ruler, corrugated cardboard, motor from any player, tape, fan, gum, money, a compass and a pencil, nuts and six bottles of soap bubbles.

Generator Assembly

To start, take the belt out of rubber bands for the money and connect the motor from the player to the roller three-stage reducer. Such a mechanism will transfer the rotation of the receiving roller special. The clearance between the drives should be filled with a small amount of glue. Evenly stick on disc six loops of plastic bottles of soap bubbles. Now, during the rotation of the drive roller these loops will be immersed in a container of solution. With the passage of the loops past the fan they will blow large bubbles.

The fan must be supplied with a voltage of 12 volts, and motor - 5 volts. For stationary power will require computer power supply. A paper clip can be used as the axes of the rollers of the gear. And the mechanism to perform better out of cardboard. To prevent abrasion of paper items, wrap them with tape. Such a device would be sufficient in order to arrange a real foamy soap bubble show.