Stick soap bubble

When we try to catch the bubble with your hands, it bursts. If you do it with wand for blowing, you can catch it on the bubble. Due to the fact that the wand dipped in soapy water, it does not break the surface of the bubble, but complements it.

Blow a soap bubble on the lid, dipped in soapy water and give the child a tube, which blew the bubble. Let him try to break the film. You can use tins of biscuits in the solution for soap bubbles and try to burst the resulting inside film. Let the child try to do it dry and soap object in turn.

The shapes of soap bubbles

Take a cloth and brush it baby shampoo. Prepare a tube for blowing: grab or an empty ballpoint pen or a pen without the rod (you should get a cone). The wide end is dipped in soap solution and in a narrow fan. Blow bubbles on the rubber sheet and build from these figures - put on top of each other and make a caterpillar.

Bubble in a bubble

On the tin cover put a small cap from a soap bubble with a little soap solution. Blow a large bubble on the tin lid. Then soap and straw pierce big bubble and inflate another bubble from a small cap.

The bubble on the palm

Soak hand in soapy water. Show the sign "OK" with your thumb and forefinger, only a hole should not be more than 1 cm in diameter. Check that inside was a soap film. Blow into the hole until it bubble. Then fully close the opening to the bladder was not blown away by back. Then turn the hand palm up.

If both hands have to soak in soapy water, you can take bubbles with your hands, compress them, trying to divide a bubble into two.

The tunnel

Make a bubble in each hand. Then bring your hands to each other and watch as the bubbles merge and become one. Attaleia and cozies palm. Make vertical and horizontal tunnels.


Make two rings of wire. On the lower ring blow out of the bubble to the bubble top to attach the second ring is dipped in soap solution. Lift the ring up and see how you get the cylinder.