You will need
  • - glycerin 25 grams;
  • sugar 2 teaspoons;
  • liquid for washing dishes 2 tbsp. spoon;
  • - water 150 grams.
Glycerin can be bought at any drugstore at affordable price. Pour it in a bowl, mix with sugar and dishwashing detergent. Add water and mix everything thoroughly to dissolve the sugar. If you want to achieve some particular smell of the bubbles, then use the liquid for washing dishes with this flavor.
The glycerin just the same functions as the strengthener of bubbles, the sugar gives strength, liquid dishwashing foam and aroma, and water is needed to obtain the desired consistency of the solution. The resulting mixture was poured into a jar from store-bought soap bubbles.
Such a solution is suitable for the creation of economic bubbles-the giants. Only for them to blow, you need to make a special tool. It's very easy. You need to tie a nylon thread to two sticks (thick pieces of wire) so that when the tension of the yarn make a triangle (patella), which should be put into a wide bowl with a solution. Bubbles you can blow, or swinging sticks.