Preparation of solution and processing method

To prepare the working solution of the drug dissolved in small quantity of tap water and mix thoroughly. It then adjusted the volume to normal, and then mixed again.

Spraying is carried out a freshly prepared solution in the morning or evening, it is important to ensure uniform wetting of the leaves. The "Bud" starts to affect the plant since its processing, the protective period is 1-3 months.

Potatoes and eggplant

In order to increase the yield of potatoes, as well as its resistance to frost and disease, the tubers treated before planting with a solution of "Bud". Using 15 g of drug per 10 liters of water consumption is about 1l/100 kg. In the budding phase apply the same solution in an amount of 4 l/100 square metres of planting.

Eggplants are sprayed in the stage of budding and beginning of flowering to increase the content of fruit dry matter, protein and sugar. Prepare the same solution as for processing potatoes, while its flow rate should be 4 l/100 sq. m. This processing method can be applied to improve yields of tomatoes to reduce the acidity of the fruit and increase resistance to disease.


Cabbage is treated to increase the content of vitamin C and sugar, as well as to reduce nitrates. To prepare the solution take 10-15 g "Bud", was diluted in 10 liters of water, and then used in phases of the beginning of the formation of the first true leaf, the emergence 6-8 leaves and during the tying of head. The solution flow rate is 4 l/100 sqm

Other plants

For processing of strawberry, cherry and black currant, a solution using 10 g "Bud" 10 l of water. Cucumbers are sprayed with the same solution when they have the first true leaf and early flowering. Soaking it corms colors enhances the energy of germination, accelerates the exit of the stalks and increases the yield kids plant.


The drug "Bud" is considered to be moderately dangerous, not phytotoxic compound, however, it can cause irritation to the mucous membranes of the eyes and skin. Working with him allowed persons over 18 years of age without contraindications for health reasons.

Processing is carried out with use of means of individual protection: rubber gloves, goggles, gowns and respirators. While working with the drug should not drink, eat or smoke. Upon completion of all works required to wash hands and face with soap and rinse mouth.