What to feed tomatoes during flowering in the greenhouse

The first feeding of the tomatoes is carried out after transplanting to a permanent place in the open ground or greenhouse, the beginning of the flowering of tomatoes - second feeding. Every green thumb for feeding tomatoes uses his time-tested methods and tools, the most effective speech is below.

The infusion of weeds and mullein is the most used method for fertilizing tomatoes. Being prepared means the following: nettle, burdock and other weeds filled with water (the more weeds, the more concentrated the fertilizer, ideally half a bucket of grass per 10 liters of water and insist night in a warm place. The composition is filtered and is added to it mullein in the ratio of 10 parts of tincture and one part of mullein. All mixed and infused for 10-12 hours. Make foliar application at the rate of 0.5 litre per Bush.

If the tomato flowers fall off, in this case, will spraying them with boric acid. Dissolve one gram of substance per liter of water and liberally treated with a composition of the brush plants.

As dry feed can be used phosphate fertilizers, potassium salts, etc. Fill in between the rows of tomatoes, 20 grams of phosphoric fertilizers and 40 percent potassium salt, 15 grams of ammonium nitrate (the proportion of this per square meter), the top fertilizer sprinkle the earth.

If flowering has just begun, in a weak solution of potassium permanganate (10 litres) dissolve 20 grams of superphosphate and potassium sulfate and water plants at the root (500-700 ml per hive).

If flowering occurs slowly, a little color, in a bucket of water, add 20-30 drops of iodine to water the plants as usual. This feeding will increase the yield of tomatoes.

If your greenhouse is most of the day in the shadows (near buildings or trees), use as a feed medication IAA or the like. Dissolve 20 grams of powder in a liter of water and apply them to trusses of tomatoes. After this treatment, you can be sure that most of the flowers start up, and the fruits will be larger and rich in vitamin C.