About improvised fertilizer soil

Recently on the background of the popularity all natural: food, cosmetics and medicines, natural hand methods for fertilizing the soil become particularly relevant.

Many people use as a fertilizing soil of house plants sleeps coffee, egg shells and even tea leaves. But is it useful for indoor plants? And how to use it correctly?

How to fertilize the soil with tea

Tea brew, and no matter what the tea — green, black or herbal that can make the soil more loose and "airy". It perfectly neutralizes alkaline soils, restoring the necessary level of acidity.
Tea brew has been used successfully by gardeners not only for fertilization of indoor plants, but also on the plot.

But there are some nuances of applying this method care for flowers. In the presence in the soil of black flies or small fungal gnats and their larvae, watering tea dramatically accelerates the process of reproduction. The use of sour, sleeps all the time or even tea for watering plants triggers the development and growth of a huge number of bacteria. In this case, the fertilizer is use will cause substantial harm and may cause death of the flower.

So be sure to use for irrigation of freshly brewed tea without sugar at room temperature. It is not necessary to fill in the plants, stick to the same watering welding, and water. It is established that at observance of the above-listed nuances, thanks to this organic fertilizer plants start to grow faster.

There is another way of fertilizer soil tea. Before planting the flower in a bowl flower, the soil or the soil is thoroughly mixed with dry tea brewing, and then in the prepared composition of the planted plant. Another use for tea when transplanting plants — placing the weak welding on a layer of expanded clay. Poured on top of the soil and plant the flower.
500 grams of tea for 1 square meter of soil contribute to fertilize the soil before sowing seeds.

Some growers mix a small amount of sleep tea with the top layer of the soil in the flowerpot. Due to this moisture lingers longer in the soil, and to water the plants has two times less.

Don't forget that all important measure. Too much of any fertilizer can also be dangerous, as the lack of them.