"Smectite" is available in the form of a powder with vanilla and orange flavor. For children the recommended Drug with vanilla. In a cardboard box is 10 or 30 sachets. Each sachet contains 3 g of drug substance. Components Smecta not absorbed in the intestine and excreted in an unmodified form, however, if overdose constipation.

How to give medicine to children under one year

For children from birth to one year "Smektu" give 2 sachets a day, 3 days after initiation of treatment, reduce the dosage to 1 sachet a day. If symptoms of constipation, the dosage Smecta reduced. The course of treatment is 3-7 days, the criterion of efficiency is the normalization of stool and improvement of health.

The contents of one sachet dissolved in 50 ml of water and offer the baby with a spoon or along with other drink or food, evenly distributing the amount throughout the day. Usually children up to six months reluctant to drink the medicine, it is better to offer a "Smectite" a teaspoon every hour. Before use, the suspension must be shaken. It is better if the medication is taken between meals and never immediately after or during a meal. If your child is taking other medicines by mouth for 1.5-2 hours after ingestion chelators are forbidden, as they adsorb drugs. It is not recommended to prepare medicinal solution in advance or to use after 24 hours of cooking.

How to give medicine to children older than one year

Children 1 to 2 years appoint 1 paketiku twice a day. May increase dosage up to 4 bags in first 3 days of treatment. The course of treatment is 3-7 days, it is possible to reduce the dosage in case of constipation. It is recommended to dissolve the powder in 50 ml of water, in case of failure ─ to offer a "Smectite" in the composition of the juice or other drink. Children older than 2 years "Smektu" give 2-3 times daily 1 sachet. Children over 14 and adults are recommended to take 4-6 bags of Smecta per day.

Drug is released in pharmacies without a doctor's prescription, can be used independently at the stage of waiting for the ambulance with any form of diarrhoea. The shelf life of the drug-is 3 years from the date of issue. Store opened packages of more than a day is not recommended. Sealed packages can be stored in the refrigerator or in any cool place at temperature not exceeding +25oC. It is impossible to give a "Smectite" children who have a fructose intolerance. If the chair is absent more than 3 days, and there is a possibility of intestinal obstruction, "Smectite" is forbidden to give.

Counterparts Smecta sold under the trade names: "Neosmectin", "Dissection".