The history of diapers began in 1949. Mother of many children, Deputy editor of the magazine "Vogue", literary critic Marion Donovan invented the waterproof panties for their babies, called "boatman". As a material that absorbs liquid, used ordinary wood sawdust. Quickly enough having understood their main advantages was revealed to the whole production of these products.

Received for his invention of an income of a million dollars, Marion Donovan decided to develop the business further in this direction. Instead of sawdust, she began to use the absorbent paper. The resulting structure was fastened to a secure clasp. The only downside was the water-repellent layer which is not breathable, so in the heat this has led to the emergence of irritation and diaper rash. The young parents of that time reacted with disbelief to the invention as a disposable bootery it seemed impractical.

The second revival of diapers

About 10 years later, in 1959, the invention is interested in Victor mills, an engineer of Procter & Gamble. He suggested the use of the superabsorbent material as the absorbent layer and to abandon the dense plastic in the past caused so much trouble his parents. So there all familiar "diaper", which by the end of 60-ies became very popular. At first, such items were produced with two types of fasteners: Velcro and buttons, but further from the buttons, it has been decided to refuse. By 1961, Victor mills became a millionaire and retired. It should be noted that he lived a hundred years, receiving for his invention of a lot of money.

Why the "diaper"?

Despite the fact that Pampers is the only brand of diapers the name quickly enough came into use. The fact that it was chosen for a reason. The word itself comes from the English verb and is translated as undead, to indulge. In the minds of people very quickly the name became synonymous with the image of a baby, so any diapers still called "diapers".

How did the first diapers in Russia?

The prototype of these products was invented in the USSR in the preparation of the first manned space flights. About children's, such products were not known until 1990. It was at this time began to deliver the first diaper brand "Pampers", released in America and Sweden. Following their success in our market, four years later, on the shelves began to appear and other brands of diapers.