Advice 1: How to choose a diaper

A huge variety of diapers on the shelves of pharmacies and specialized stores has led many young mothers to think about the right choice that is convenient and sometimes essential to care for the baby. Of course, every woman wants to give her child all the best and safe. The choice of diapers is quite responsible. There are several criteria and recommendations, based on which, every mother will be able to choose a diaper for your toddler, the most suitable for the baby.
A diaper for a child to choose correctly.
To choose the right diaper, you must first know the weight of the baby. Each package of disposable diapers the weight of the baby, to which one or another diaper is designed. For example, 3-6kg, 4-9kg, 9-18kg, etc. These figures on a pack of diapers usually are written in a large font. What weight is suitable for toddler, for example, 5 kg 3-6 kg 4-9 kg), you can determine after trying, for a start, the smallest package of diapers with a particular weight value.
With regards to the sex of the baby, a diaper is quite versatile. But there are some models of disposable diapers which are designed specifically for girls or specifically for boys. From each other are diapers differ only in the distribution of material that turns liquid into gel. A special absorbent layer in the diaper for girls is located in the middle of the diaper, and in the models for boys – it is close to the tummy of the baby.
When choosing diapers , should to pay attention to their firm-manufacturer. Usually, the more popular the brand, the higher the cost of diapers. Such a pattern is produced by the fact that famous companies spend a lot of money for permanent improvement of technology of manufacture of diapers, to improve their quality, but in addition, and on advertising their products. Famous name of the manufacturer of the diapers is a guarantee of their quality.
When choosing diapers for the baby should pay attention to Velcro, which must be securely fastened even if entering them baby powder, baby cream or moisture. This criterion is particularly choice diapers will be relevant for parents of active kids.
You should not choose the diapers, comprising a polyethylene. Information about the presence of this component should be stated on the packaging diapers. A baby's skin in the diaper containing polyethylene, will sweat.
For very active kids not wanting to stay still while changing diapers, there are diapers. They are perfect for children from 4 months. Dress up these diapers are like ordinary panties, and after using easily torn at the sides and thrown away.

Advice 2 : How to choose diapers baby

Maternity, which has long been considered akin to the heroic feat, is no longer such a burden. In many ways it owes to these modern developments, which are designed to facilitate the care of the household. For example, most modern mothers simply don't know how to do without nappies-diapers. Now in stores so many of them that selecting the best is necessary to think well.
How to choose diapers baby

To choose your baby the best diapers, find out their composition. Classic diaper has at least three layers: an outer, freely permeable to moisture; the medium in which the liquid is delayed due to part of the cellulose; the internal consisting of a moisture resistant material that prevents leaks.

Choose for a baby are diapers, so they exactly fit. Then, empty the diaper will not leak fluid. Keep on legs not imprinted traces of gum, there would be no scuffs. If the child will spend some time in an uncomfortable diaper, the whole family will find a few sleepless nights – the kid will not behave quietly, having caught the irritation of the skin. If you noticed red marks on the legs, change the diaper to a larger size.

Check to see if the rash and diaper rash on the baby's skin. The appearance of redness in most cases – a sign of allergic reactions. Sometimes it can occur because of wearing diapers that contain impregnation, for example, aloe Vera. Can occur redness and due to the fact that the child often enough to change a diaper.

Determine which diapers are best suited to your child. In shops you can buy samples of different brands of diapers If the baby feels good, not worried by the fact that the diaper rubbing or pressure, if the skin after wearing the product clean, free of diaper rash and rash, is not observed allergic reactions, you can safely use this brand further.

Choose these diapers, so they do not cause rashes, diaper rash, allergic reactions. At any sign of redness, poor health of the baby in the event of a change of diapers of one brand to another should be refused.

In some kinds of diapers used synthetic gel-forming material is cellulose. He has a high ability to absorb moisture and hold it inside. Gel can absorb such amount of fluid that exceeds the volume of the material about 50 times. This diaper can be used longer – its structure prevents irritation on baby's skin, because the contact with urine is absent. Studies have confirmed that wearing diapers reduces the risk of nappy rash about 30 times.



Advice 3 : How to choose diapers for cyclists

The quality and features of tailoring specialized clothing for cyclists affects the comfort and health of the rider. To avoid chafing of the skin due to excessive sweating will help special weaponery.
How to choose diapers for cyclists
To the question of selection of equipment the cyclist should be treated as seriously as to the choice of bike.

The correct choice of sportswear and accessories will depend on the degree of ride comfort, safety and the prevention of typical injuries of the rider.

"Pampers cyclist" is one of the important parts of the professional equipment is almost indispensable if you plan to spend on the saddle of a Bicycle for a long time and travel long distances.
What is a diaper of the cyclist? It is a durable nylon or suede strip, foam filler, sewn into special shorts.

The main objective of this strip is to remove excess moisture and excess heat from the body of the cyclist and to prevent scuffs on the leather.

A diaper consists of several layers, the upper and lateral part which, as a rule, have an antibacterial coating and an inner filler that provides anatomical fit of the gasket to the body.
Choosing a diaper for the cyclist in the first place should pay attention to the cut of the shorts: when sewing equipment taking into account the anatomical peculiarities of male and female body, difference in proportions.

The shape of veloprogulki come in several types and take into account not only the anatomy but also the shape of the Bicycle saddle, and riding style.

Fit cyclist racer and cyclist who prefer a loose style varies considerably, consequently, choosing diapers, need to consider this feature.
The most popular is V-shaped peloponesse, since the bifurcated rear portion greatly increases the flexibility of the strip enables a tight seal to the body of the cyclist.

Next in popularity are the diapers of a cyclist with a rounded back: dense substrate absorbs vibrations and well absorbs shocks when traveling over a rough road.

Diapers for cyclists in the form of the hourglass is close to the anatomical shape of the human body, and in the male and female models short differ only in size.
In addition to these items, choosing clothes with malapantaram, you should pay attention to the following nuances:

- a diaper needs to be sewn to the shorts neatly, with no loose threads and rough seams for longer riding these seams will severely RUB the skin;

- the material from which made weaponery, can be as with antibacterial impregnation, and without it, preference should be given to the first;

- do not wear underwear, if using shorts with peloponessos: linen will RUB the skin and prevent the sweat;

- when choosing diapers for cyclist is extremely important pre-fitting: too tight shorts cause stagnation of blood in the legs and rapidly rubbed into the skin.
- It is not recommended to wash the shorts with diapers with other items velociprey with clasps-"Velcro".
Useful advice
- Wash Cycling shorts with padding should occur on "careful" mode, or manually;
- When using a specialized cream for cyclists is recommended from time to time apply a thin layer of cream and velopers.
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