To choose the right diaper, you must first know the weight of the baby. Each package of disposable diapers the weight of the baby, to which one or another diaper is designed. For example, 3-6kg, 4-9kg, 9-18kg, etc. These figures on a pack of diapers usually are written in a large font. What weight is suitable for toddler, for example, 5 kg 3-6 kg 4-9 kg), you can determine after trying, for a start, the smallest package of diapers with a particular weight value.
With regards to the sex of the baby, a diaper is quite versatile. But there are some models of disposable diapers which are designed specifically for girls or specifically for boys. From each other are diapers differ only in the distribution of material that turns liquid into gel. A special absorbent layer in the diaper for girls is located in the middle of the diaper, and in the models for boys – it is close to the tummy of the baby.
When choosing diapers , should to pay attention to their firm-manufacturer. Usually, the more popular the brand, the higher the cost of diapers. Such a pattern is produced by the fact that famous companies spend a lot of money for permanent improvement of technology of manufacture of diapers, to improve their quality, but in addition, and on advertising their products. Famous name of the manufacturer of the diapers is a guarantee of their quality.
When choosing diapers for the baby should pay attention to Velcro, which must be securely fastened even if entering them baby powder, baby cream or moisture. This criterion is particularly choice diapers will be relevant for parents of active kids.
You should not choose the diapers, comprising a polyethylene. Information about the presence of this component should be stated on the packaging diapers. A baby's skin in the diaper containing polyethylene, will sweat.
For very active kids not wanting to stay still while changing diapers, there are diapers. They are perfect for children from 4 months. Dress up these diapers are like ordinary panties, and after using easily torn at the sides and thrown away.