The use of diapers

About the use of diapers is known to all. In addition to the lack of diapers that need to be constantly washed, the diapers can easily walk with the baby on the street, not worrying that because wet in the cold season of the jumpsuit he will catch a cold.

Myths about the dangers of diapers

The skin does not breathe. Some people believe that diapers do not give the child the skin to breathe. In fact, this is not so. Modern manufacturers of quality products in the first place, focus on the fact that their diapers are designed so that the air penetrated to the skin of the child. Good diapers should always be a special sheath, permeated with millions of microscopic pores passing air. These same pores output pair from the feces and make the inner surface of the diaper dry.

In diapers legs are crooked. Many have probably heard that diapers can bend the legs. To believe this is not necessary, as the rumors – a simple invention, common followers of the cradle.

Diapers lead to impotence and infertility. This myth States that a permanent stay of a boy in diapers violates his kidney function. Over the older men conducted a study in which it was proven that a significant increase in temperature of the scrotum leads to reduced activity of sperm. At the same time, there are several facts which prove that the diapers do not.

How to use diapers

It can be concluded that the diapers do not harm the kids, but provided that the parents adhere to a few simple rules:

- diapers must meet the weight and sex of the child;
- you need to buy them only in specialty stores or pharmacies;
- just check the expiration date and package integrity;
replacement of diapers should be done not less than 3-4 hours;
- after removing the diaper, baby's skin should wash, wipe and spread with cream or powder;
- during the day a child needs several hours to walk without diapers;
- if the baby's temperature rose above 38оС, diaper it is necessary to remove.

If you purchased a new brand of diapers before use, check the reaction of the baby on them. And do not overuse this type of product, then to not have any problems with the teach toddler to potty. Follow all the rules, and the childhood your child will be absolutely happy.