Modern teats come in latex and silicone. There are three basic forms. Nipple cherry with a ball on the end is the same on all sides and is convenient because it can be put in the mouth as anything. Nipple drops are slightly flattened on two sides. They resemble the mother's nipple, which also flattened during feeding. Even if the baby will take the nipple correctly, she will always occupy the correct position in the mouth. Orthodontic nipples slightly flattened and canted to one side. It is believed that this form is useful for the correct development of jaws in children. However, one has to ensure that the nipple was in the baby's mouth cut down.
Pacifier consists of three main parts: nipples, Nagorniy and rings. Nahunta is called the base of the dummy, which is attached to the nipple. They come in different shapes: round and oval, heart or butterfly. Nakovnik should have a cutout for the nose and plenty of holes for ventilation, so that through them the air and excess saliva. Ring mounted on nausnice and has the standard form.
Latex nipples are loved by many kids. They are softer, they are easier to suck. They are made of natural material — rubber. Latex nipple has a yellowish-beige color and a characteristic odor. This type of nipple, alas, short-lived. It is recommended to change them every 2-4 weeks regardless of how often the nipple is used and what condition it's in. Latex is easy to crack. The microcracks microbes, and she the nipple turns brown. To avoid possible consequences for the child, with latex nipples must be eliminated before the occurrence of such changes. The walls of the nipples are supposed to stick together. If this happens, then the inner surface of the nipple is dirty and it's time to throw away. Check the pacifier daily for integrity. Of course, due to the elasticity of latex pacifier harder to bite through than silicone, but if you detect any damage, it should be changed. Latex nipples from frequent sterilization become friable and easy to stick dirt. Keep the pacifier in the box and rinse before each use.
Silicone nipples are more than hard, and the children love them less. But thanks to their elasticity they are more durable. In addition, the silicone has no taste or smell. It does not darken and is not destroyed by sterilization in boiling water. Silicone nipples do not cause allergies unlike latex. However, they are easier to bite, so you need as often as possible to check the integrity of the nipples. Even a small piece of silicone can be deadly for a child, because, once in the respiratory tract, it can cause suffocation. Pacifier made of silicone should be changed every 4-5 weeks, even if it's completely intact.
The basis for the replacement of a pacifier can also be a bad mount rubber part to Nagornykh. If possible, check the quality of the nipple before you purchase. The ring should be securely fixed and made of thick plastic. In the presence of any defects pacifier should be replaced.