You will need
  • pot
The child will start to ask for a pot, if not accustomed to it. The age when the child needed to potty, became the subject of heated debate in many families. And yet here are a few points that will help you determine if you can already teach your baby to potty:
- The kid wakes up dry in the afternoon after sleep
- Can more than one or two hours to stay dry
- Able to remove and put on pants
- Does not tolerate wet diapers
- Shows interest in the toilet
- Notifies you about what he wants in the toilet
If you can name at least half of these items, feel free to buy pot. Start regularly drop off the baby after a NAP, try every 2 hours to repeat the procedure in order for the child accustomed to the potty.
How to teach <strong>child</strong> to go to out to <b>pot</b>
Praise him, even if he is not going to use the pot as intended. The main thing – to help baby make friends with this device. And don't make the child forced to sit on the potty, otherwise he will develop a negative perception of the subject.
How to teach <strong>child</strong> to go to out to <b>pot</b>
To teach a toddler to potty-at-large, observe its behavior, noting those moments when a child appears chair (baby calms down, grunting or straining, ceasing at this point to play), quickly put him on the potty. If he refuses, then you can try to put the feces in a pot and Express positive emotions about this, to help the child understand what you like, when bowel movements are in the pot.
How to teach <strong>child</strong> to go to out to <b>pot</b>