Prepare the templates of all the specification sheets in accordance with GOST 2. 108-68. The template is A4 format, which shows the table with the graph, "Format", "Position", "Area", "Name", "Designation", "Number", "note". Basic data should be placed at the bottom of the sheet. They should be specified the name of the developer and the reviewer.
Fill in the fields with basic information. In addition to the name of the developer and the inspection, specify and name the officials responsible for approving the specifications. Make sure to put the ordinal number worksheets and specify their total number. On the last page must be a fixed registration of changes (according to GOST 2.503-90). In this section at all times during the production necessary changes. However, if the specification of the products placed entirely on two sheets, this section is not provided. A sign-up sheet is added if the number of sheets is three or more.
Sign all sections of the specifications. In the column "Name" enter the names of the sections and mark them with a thin line.
Write the name and designation of the design documents in the "documents" section. Usually the first is an Assembly drawing, hereinafter, the accompanying documentation (instructions, a list of technological documents, etc.).
In the sections "Details", "Complexes" and "subassemblies" make your symbols and the names of the corresponding parts and assemblies that comprise the product. It is recommended to arrange them in alphabetical order.
Specify the position, that is the number under which is an Assembly unit or detail in the drawing, the sheet format.
Don't forget to fill out the remaining sections. Write in "Standard products" products made by industry, government, and international standards. In the "other products" issued in accordance with TU (technical conditions). In the section "Materials" include all materials used in the unit, and the number of them.