In European countries for funerals often bring flowers yellow, because it is the color separation and sadness. In Russia and neighboring countries are considered to be the appropriate flowers are red, blue and white colors, while yellow is perceived as an inappropriate connotation because of the excess brightness.
White and other light colors bring, usually at the funerals of young people or children, because this color symbolizes purity and tenderness. The older the deceased, the more dark colors for example. Purple, blue, dark red flowers are considered to be the most suitable options.
You can Express your emotions with a suitable flower arrangement. Instead of the traditional colors, you can use evergreens in matching ceramic pots. The yew, cypress, thuja will help you to show that the deceased will remain in your heart forever. Irises for many centuries, symbolize the hope for a revival. Laying these flowers on the grave of the deceased, you emphasize that he will live in your heart forever.
In Russia the basic "funeral" flowers are carnations of different colors and pale rose. If you know exactly what flowers the deceased liked in life, make a bunch of them. This will help you Express your respect and affection departed in the world other person.
It is believed that the number of colors must be even, but this is true only for Russia and several neighboring countries. Fresh flower - an ancient pagan tradition. The fact that first of all even numbers carrying negative meaning, symbolizing death and evil. For bouquets, which contain more than twenty flowers, this rule does not apply.
Instead of a bouquet you can bring to the grave of the traditional funeral wreath is a symbol of the cycle of rebirth and immortality of the soul. Of course, artificial wreaths are much easier and more practical natural, but still they cannot compare with wreaths of flowers.
Funeral wreaths are usually made up of a hundred or more flowers arranged on a circle. Usually they are intertwined with green pine branches or fern leaves. Variety used for making wreath of flowers carrying a concealed value. So, red roses speak of long life and heroic death. The wreaths placed on the graves of young people who can present lilies and Calla lilies. They signify hope and purity.