You will need
  • - comfortable bed;
  • - fresh air;
  • - the lack of stimuli;
  • - relaxing bath;
  • - milk, yogurt or herbal tea.
If you want to fall asleep quickly, but sleep is not, you need to remember that before bedtime better not to do. Not be considered. Not to read (especially action-Packed literature). Do not watch "scary" movies and shows. Do not drink alcohol, coffee and tea. No Smoking. Not feel exercise. Not eating spicy and fatty and not to eat sweets. Bedtime is generally better not to eat at least two hours.
Now, what you need to do to relax the body and to speed up falling asleep. You can drink a glass of slightly warmed milk, unsweetened herbal tea or warm yogurt. To make a half-hour walk along a tranquil and scenic places. The pace should be unhurried. Upon returning home, you must ventilate the room in which you are going to sleep.
Before going to sleep well take a bath with soothing salt, essential oil or extract of herbs. Bath should not be hot and not last more than twenty minutes. Then you need to prepare for sleep bed. Fresh linen, comfortable mattress, pillow and blanket.
Sitting in bed, you should take comfortable position. This allowed wiggling and experiment as long as the body will not accept a situation in which the majority of muscles does not feel pressure. Remember this position in the future always take it before bed.
Try anything not to think. This, of course, impossible, a reasonable man thinks, yet exist, but it is important not to focus on the flow of thoughts. Let they glide and flow without your involvement. And you watch them from aside, from the side. Listen to your breath. Try to achieve smooth rhythmic breathing and listen to this rhythm. This will help not to focus on my thoughts.
Do some muscle training. Tighten all the muscles, hold for three seconds and then relax. Feel the warmth and heaviness in the body, in all its parts and limbs. Scientists say that quickly helps you to sleep sex before going to sleep. Only it needs to be not turbulent, but calm and unhurried. If you are available this method can try. In any case, it's better than counting sheep.