One of the reasons that you don't know how to sleep, is stress. If you can't fall asleep for 1 minute, then you should learn to relax. The most affordable way of allowing the body to relax and prepare for bed with a bath.

For quick results, use warm water. It will be good if the light is muted, and in the water around you will hear the crackling foam bubbles.

To relax and to escape from thinking, you can spend some time in front of the TV. You should choose this transfer, which will not cause serious interest or strong emotions. You can, for example, to watch a ballet or a film about nature.

For faster sleep need to learn to relax all muscles and let go of thoughts. To do this quickly, take a comfortable sleeping position, close your eyes and focus on how to begin to relax first the muscles of the face, then shoulders, back, legs. Feel how the tension disappears in the whole body and try not to think about anything, sleep should come within a few minutes.

The reason for the slow sleep may be the heat and humidity. Before going to sleep well ventilate the room in which the bed is located. Even better would be if you leave the window open all night, sleep will be stronger, and you even for short time can relax and in the morning to feel energized.

For a quick sleep, try not to overindulge on a night heavy food. But with a rumbling stomach to fall asleep fast in 1 minute will be difficult. Drink for the night yogurt or milk with a spoon of honey. Refrain before the rest of the products that invigorate the body: coffee, cigarettes, strong tea.

Get rid of negative thoughts, try not to worry about problems that have happened to you or might happen in the future. If in the morning you have to get up early, you will only aggravate the situation that will lose the rest. The decision of all important issues is better to postpone for the next day. Try to let go of bad thoughts, remembering something nice.

Some people can't sleep in the presence of certain stimuli. For example, the ticking of the clock, the thud of doors, the blinking lights on the computer. Eliminate these irritants before you go to bed.

If all the noise to eliminate is not possible, cover your ear with your hand or a pillow. In the presence of interfering light, use a special mask.

To fall asleep in just one minute, it is important to learn to accept quickly a comfortable position to sleep. It is not the fact, if you usually fast asleep on her stomach, you can do this when you do not want to sleep. Not to worry with the problem of selection of convenient position, have a spare pillow or blanket, which you will be able to hug, hugged her, which has the ability to throw leg or arm.

A good way to fall asleep quickly is to read books. And than they will more boring the better. Perfect textbook for anyone unfamiliar subject.

You can use self-hypnosis, forcing the body to lie down to sleep. A good trick is to visualize. If you imagine want to sleep for 1 minute and doing this in imagination, it is likely that you will be able to adjust the body in the desired fashion.