Materials and tools

Knitting bags you will need:
- yarn of medium thickness — 100 g;
- spokes №3,5;
- backing cloth;
- zipper;
- threads;
- needle;
- a pair of scissors.

Pick up the twisted yarn of medium thickness. For this purpose perfectly fit acrylic fibers or wool blend yarn. Very impressive and beautiful product will, if used slub yarn: buklirovannye, with the addition of metallized yarn or beads.

Knitted fabric — elastic and prone to stretching, so in the bag it is necessary to make the lining, it will prevent the product from deformation. Besides, to use the knitted bag will be much easier. Take a break from lining fabric 2 rectangle, equal in magnitude knitted rectangular detail.

The technology of manufacturing bags

Dial on the spokes of 60 stitches and provarite 8 cm elastic 2x2, alternating 2 front and 2 reverse loops. Next, go to knitting basic pattern. The only condition — it should not be delicate. Very stylish look of bags associated scythes and Arana. Provarite 30 cm and close knit. Similarly, associate the second part of the purse.

Sew details of lining, leaving one wide side unsewn. Related details also fold face each other and sew on the machine. To the bag was bigger, astrocyte the corners of the sewn halves. To do this, place the piece so that the side seam was in the middle, flatten the angle and attrocites it. Similarly astrocyte angle on the second side. Remove the resulting woven bag and insert inside the lining.

In the upper edge of the outer side of the bag (related parts) attach the zipper and sew it neatly hand-stitch over the edge. The upper edge of the lining fold to the inside and also sew to the zipper.

Tie handles for bags. Dial on the spokes 10 of the loops and knit straight garter viscous, that is, all loops do the front in all ranks. Make 2 identical parts with a length of 35-40 cm

Attach the handles to the front sides of the handbag. Sew them with the seam over the edge of the same yarn from which knit the fabric. Attaching parts zadekorirovat. It is possible to do with flat decorative buttons to match the yarn or a contrasting shade. Can also be used for this purpose, flowers, crochet, or decorate the bag with pompoms made from leftover yarn.