Preparation of materials

For weaving bags you need:
- 100 m of rope with a thickness of 2-3 mm, will fit hemp, jute, or synthetic fibers;
- a pair of scissors.

Prepare material. Cut 17 strands with a length of 4-5 m each and one warp yarn with a length of 4.5 m. the warp yarn fold in half, put the base on a flat surface and secure.

The rest of the working rope also fold in half and attach on a thread-basis. The result should be 36 ends of the rope together with the two sides of the thread base.

The technology of weaving bags

All the threads spread over 4 pieces. Then weave the net of a square (double) flat nodules. With a length of about 40-50 cm, depending on the desired size of the purse.

Canvas amperite iron on the reverse side (with facial nodules must remain convex, and start weaving the sides of the purse.

The canvas fold in half right side out. Cut three strands with a length of 4.5 m each. In place of the fold folded in half, fasten the rope . So will the 6 strands to weave the sides of the product.

Tie at least three threads on a double flat knot. On the left side make the left flat knot and the right, respectively, the right. In the next row on the 4 strands in the middle of the weave triple flat knot. Hook extreme threads for the fabric and tie 2 double flat knot. Continue to braid in this way until the top of the slices handbags.

On the same principle weave the right lateral side of the bag. This technique allows you to firmly attach the sides to the front and rear parts of the bags without stitching.

Continue stitching right side bags on six threads, so this part will go smoothly in the detail of the handle. Braid the selected pattern long strap, enough for the purse to be worn on the shoulder. Amperite detail of the handle through a damp cheesecloth and sew the second side of the bag.

Netting fasteners for bags

On the back side mark the middle. Cut 2 strands of length 10 and 30 cm Attach them to the top. A smaller piece will serve as a basis, and a large thread - working. Appetite the same flat nodules in the result should be a twisted chain. Doplatit it to the required length. The tip of the thread cut, fold the chain in half and sew the tip.

Button also weave in this technique. For its production will fit the remains of the threads. The left end of the rope pin at the surface. Make a loop, and the place the long end over the short. The loop of the clip and make another one on top of the first, with the long end put it under the short side of the rope. Thread the long part through all the loops and tighten the knot. Will turn round and three-dimensional detail. Trim the ends and sew button to the front side of the bag.