Crochet backpack crochet you will need:
- 250 g of cotton yarn average thickness of the base color;
- 100 g of the same yarn in a contrasting color;
hook №4,5.

The bottom of the backpack

Start knitting the bag off the bottom. Dial a chain of 4 loops and close them in the ring. Connect one air loop lifting, and continue knitting.

In the first row provarite 11 columns without nakida, evenly distributing them around. The second increase of their number by half, that is promazyvaya 2 column without nakida in each loop of the previous row. The result should be 22 loops.

In the third link 33 of the column. In the first loop provarite 1 column without nakida, while in the second 2 do. Alternate thus until the end of the row. In the fourth provarite 44 loop in first 2 stitches of row one column each. In the third bind 2 column without nakida, alternate knitting in this way until the end of the round. In the fifth row, increase the number of columns to 55, also evenly distributing allowances. In the sixth, respectively, should be 66 loops, and in the seventh — 77. Knitting bottom finish and proceed to making the walls of the backpack.

The side

The walls of the backpack you can link absolutely any pattern. The only rule — do not pick up the picture with too large cells. Otherwise you get the bag, and you risk losing the contents of your bag.

The simplest way to knit a circle of columns without nakida. For this provarite one column in each loop of last row of bottom. Then knit in a circle, painting without obivok and raise.

At the height of 35-40 cm from the bottom of the holes. Provarite 5 columns without nakida, then make a column with three brides and will continue to knit columns without nakida, missing 2 loops of the next row. Continue knitting to end of round. Then provarite 5-7 cm columns without nakida directly. The top edge of the backpack, tie contrasting thread color lobster step".


Tie this piece of yarn in a contrasting color. Dial a chain of six loops, and knit the next row of columns without nakida. Knit detail to the forward and backward direction to a length of about 1 meter.

Fold the strap in half and sew on the fold line in the middle of the back of the pack at 2-3 cm above the holes. The underside of the straps sew into the bottom side of the sidewall at a distance of 25-30 cm from each other.


Ties make from the yarn of a contrasting color. Cut 12 strands of a length of 1 m each. Put them together in a bundle. Step back from the edge about 10 cm and tie a knot. Then braid an ordinary braid tight, not reaching edge 10 see Again tie the knot. The tips of the trim cord, insert it into the holes, tighten and tie.