How useful is wool?

A thread of wool in a mysterious way affects the capillary circulation, because the inflammatory response begins with the dilation of capillary blood flow. Also wool is a source of a small static electricity. You can hear a lot history that came up with it all the magicians and sorcerers, but in fact, the use of pain in the joints of yarn – just one of the methods of folk medicine. Woolen thread tied around the wrist, improves blood circulation, accelerates the healing of wounds and cuts on the hand, helps in the healing of tendons. After the thread is removed from the wrist, the joint may hurt even for a few hours.

Why wool?

Wool is the most healthy, hygienic and thermoregulatory material is excellent. The structure of wool allows you to breathe in human skin. In addition, this material has more useful medicinal properties. Even in ancient times people get rid of toothache or headache, lower back pain, by applying to the affected area of natural undyed wool. Also in the old days in fleece put premature babies. The fact is that fiber natural undyed wool shorn from living animals and unprocessed by any chemicals, covered with animal wax. It is called lanolin. It is up to twelve percent of the weight of wool. Lanolin is also found specifically to use as a basis for cosmetic products, creams and ointments. If you use in bed natural wool, that it contained lanolin, which dissolves in 35 to 37-degree body temperature, it penetrates the skin easily. This substance beneficial for muscles, joints, spine. Lanolin relieves pain and stimulates circulation. Coefficient of thermal conductivity of wool is slightly lower than that of some textile materials.

Protection using wool threads in magic

Magicians and sorcerers often use in their practice red woolen thread. It is believed that red wool absorbs all the negativity, like the evil eye. Burning her, the man allegedly freed from all evil. A red woolen thread wound on his left wrist. This person has to say: "protect Me, all the negativity and loot. Every three days you need to burn thread in the flame of a candle with the words: "You absorbed me, now give me all the negative fire, cleanse yourself and me, so be it." Woolen thread absorbs all the negativity that blocks the energy meridians of the hands. In the same way woolen thread on the wrist helps to get rid of many diseases like heart and lymphatic Meridian on the thumb.