Thus mark themselves followers of Kabbalah. This esoteric doctrine has arisen on the basis of a more ancient religion – Judaism. For Kabbalists, the red string is not just a symbol, it is a powerful talisman. This thread tied during a rite of passage at seven knots. It is believed that it saves from the evil eye, helps a person to fully realize their potential and contributes to the achievement of life goals.

The thread has such miraculous properties. Kabbalists use a special yarn imported from Israel, supposedly, separated from the shroud in which was wrapped herself Rachel is the progenitor of the Jewish people. However, how this relic venerated by the Jews, the idea that anything is separated to tie on wrist pop star, seemed rather doubtful. Maybe the threads are really taking from the Israeli town of Netivot, perhaps, they held some ceremonies to charge power. And most likely the shroud Rachel is only a way, a symbol of unification of a particular group of people.

Many celebrities consider themselves followers of Kabbalah. Among them, Madonna, Danny DeVito, Demi Moore, Britney Spears. Russian stars that wear red strings on his left wrist, but few can say for what it's named. For example, Vera Brezhneva believes his thread ordinary baubles – gift from a admirer, and Lena Temnikova just a beautiful accessory. But Lera Kudryavtseva, Philip Kirkorov, Lolita Milyavskaya and Andrey Makarevich wearing a red thread and do not hide their fascination with the Kabbalah.

Most young people wear such threads just to imitate their favorite celebrities, often without understanding their meaning. And even if you wear and see, still most of the true Kabbalists is not. Sometimes a red thread on your wrist or wrists has a completely different explanation. Woolen red thread to tie on hand for sprains, injury, or just pain.