The daily diet of women during lactation must be balanced. Consumed the number of calories of about 20% is advisable to take in proteins, the fount of which are legumes. They contain iron, allow not to overload the digestive system of mother and baby. But to use them it is necessary, given the reaction of infants on the products.

Legumes in the menu during lactation: the use of

Legumes are particularly recommended for lactating women who adhere to vegetarianism. Great value in lactation for mothers legumes represent dark colors, for example, lobio. Typically, vegetable proteins and vitamins from them is absorbed better.

Protein foods, including legumes, are responsible for the composition of breast milk. Therefore, the diet of a nursing mother they must be present daily. This can be legumes and beans beans, lentil beans, peas. "Vegetable meat" contains slowly digestible carbohydrates, fiber, b vitamins, vitamin C, A, folic acid, potassium, calcium and other important health mom of child development substance. For lacto - vegetarians and legumes with success can replace meat because of their protein in their chemical composition is similar to animal.

Like any other products, can bring not only benefits but also harm babies, legumes should be introduced into the diet of a breastfeeding mother gradually. It is not necessary to cook nourishing soups with fatty meats and legumes, to cook complex dishes with peas, chickpeas, beans. With such food harder to track allergic reactions, the appearance of increased gas formation or of other problems in children.

How and when to use bean while breastfeeding

Beans can affect the digestive system of the baby, so you should monitor the child's behavior after eating dishes of beans. These cultures can cause flatulence, colic. If after mom ate pea soup or bean salad, baby began to disturb the stomach, you can even talk about hypersensitive. The disturbing symptoms usually occur during the day after eating a woman unsuitable food.

Breastfeeding advisable to eat legumes in the form of porridges or soups. If the dish you want to add butter or oil, you should put it in the removed from the plate-broth, porridge. You can use the favorite recipes of onions, but you need to rinse it with boiling water before adding to the food. Try cooking beans with a small amount of salt and no stranger to spices.

Beans are nursing mother after the first month with the birth of a child, but in reasonable quantities. These products sometimes cause flatulence not only the infant but also the mother.