When the patient reports pain in the liver it is prescribed biochemical analysis of blood, in which are highlighted in liver function tests. Order liver function tests to obtain in "pure" form, the patient must observe some rules. Do not drink alcohol for forty-eight hours before having blood biochemical analysis, intake of fatty and spicy foods stop two days before the blood test.
Restrict food, the last meal should be not less than eight hours before having blood biochemical analysis. Stop taking drugs for a week before the test. If according to indications, the medication cannot be reversed, give the doctor detailed information about the name of drugs and doses.
According to the analysis of liver samples to assess the concentration and magnitude of indicators such as Alt, AST, GTT, alkaline phosphatase, bilirubin, sulfacetamide and others. Comparing the results of analysis of liver samples from normal, it is possible with sufficient confidence to diagnose liver disease and to assign appropriate treatment.
First do liver function tests to detect viral hepatitis. The increase in levels of liver enzyme such as Alt, indicates the presence of viral hepatitis. Increasing the level of enzymes AST, triglycerides, and albumin may indicate a lesion of the cells of the liver tissue, cirrhosis of the liver and, possibly, the presence of primary tumor or metastasis in the liver.
Elevated bilirubin can indicate liver failure, its inflammation and reduced immunity. The concentration of cholesterol in the liver depends on the rate of its exchange with the fats. Usually consider the rate of cholesterol together with triglycerides, that is, neutral fats and lipoproteins. The increase in these enzymes may indicate chronic alcoholism, disease of the thyroid gland, as well as genetic causes of the disease.
There is another highlighted part of liver function tests is Thymol test. It is done to determine the quality of the liver. Usually this test is prescribed for viral hepatitis hepatitis or toxins, cirrhosis of the liver or jaundice (Botkin's disease). Usually, after biochemical analysis of blood, the doctor has a sufficient overall picture of the causes of patient complaints on the pain in the liver.