Recovery methods of stimulation are determined by the causes of the change in cycle, so you need to see a specialist (gynecologist, endocrinologist) and get a full examination. First of all, attempts to restore ovulation, if the cause is in the external factors or the presence of pathological diseases. If the reason for the lack of ovulation is overweight or underweight, it is necessary to normalize the index and sometimes this is enough for the recovery process. Disturbances in ovulatory cycle can cause inflammatory and infectious diseases of the uterus or ovaries, so the need for timely diagnosis and treatment. In some cases, helps normalize hormonal levels and to eliminate the cause of these violations.

If recovery measures do not help, the doctor makes a decision about stimulation, that is, the use of drugs that affect the processes of follicular maturation and ovulation in the ovaries of women.

To stimulate ovulation, the doctor prescribes a course of inductors – hormonal drugs, which stimulate follicle maturation (klostilbegit, Menopur, etc.). They are available in injection form, so introduce them to intramuscularly or under the skin. The first shot is usually administered in the first days of the menstrual cycle (depending on product).

During therapy periodically performed ultrasonic monitoring of the maturation of the follicle – this allows you to make changes in the stimulation regimen, switching drugs, to track the number of growing follicles, etc. At a certain point, when one of the follicles reach the desired size of the assigned drug, the final process of oocyte maturation and in the next day or two the woman ovulation. During this period, planning a couple can conceive a child.

Before ovulation induction you must pass all the tests and be examined by both partners – blood biochemistry, examination of organs using ultrasound, bacterial cultures, etc. to provide conditions for pregnancy definitely tests the patency of the fallopian tubes and it turns out the condition of the uterus (absence of mucosal trauma, inflammatory processes, etc.).