Each airline their rules governing the ability of flight for pregnant women, and should confirm directly with the carrier. Usually there is a regulation, which clearly spelled out: to what weeks pregnant can freely use the company's services, and for what weeks in order to get on the Board, she will need help from watching her doctor. Popular translator Lufthansa tries to avoid emergency situations on Board. Until the end of the eighth month of pregnancy, you can freely use the services of this airline, but then you have to get help directly at the medical center company. Fly British Airways expectant mothers are free until the 28th week, and 36th – with a doctor's permission. At a later period you will be denied services. Domestic Aeroflot adheres to the not so strict rules. Women can fly until the 36th week, after they will need before flying take a certificate from their physician. And the U.S. company Delta Airlines allows you to fly women standing at any month.
A fairly common belief that traveling by plane in the first trimester is dangerous to the fetus, they stimulate the abnormal development or can lead to miscarriage. These data are not statistically confirmed, so if you feel well and have no concerns with the flights, go. However, many of the ladies in the first trimester observed toxicity. In this condition of flight is better to abstain. Nausea during pregnancy in conjunction with the motion sickness can turn a pleasant trip into an hours-long nightmare.
In women in the last trimester of pregnancy is often swollen ankles. Hours-long flight will exacerbate the problem: pregnant women often suffer from circulatory disorders, thrombophlebitis. If you decide to go, make sure to keep inconvenience to a minimum: you can buy special compression stockings, which normalize the blood flow. Select a convenient location at the business class, the first row of economy class or closer to the aisle. There you will be able to sit comfortably.
Some peculiarities of pregnancy at any stage can cause the doctor concern for his patient. For example, the discharged air may adversely affect the woman and her fetus if expectant mother suffer from anemia or abnormalities of the placenta. Planning to use an airplane to visit a doctor and discuss with him how safe would such a trip.
The biggest concern doctors have a premature birth. There is a hypothesis that changes in pressure can cause premature rupture of the bubble. Stress prior to the flight can also affect the fetus. Therefore, even if the rules of the airline and allow you to fly, but the trip is not mandatory, it makes sense last month to spend on earth.