Safe camping

Many women during pregnancy I want to get some more joy with the birth of children will be temporarily unavailable. Outdoors — one of such pleasure, especially if before pregnancy, such visits were a regular practice. Many pregnant women wonder whether it is possible to go Hiking or even just to go to barbecues in an interesting position.

Hiking can be very different. Some people believe that a few hours leisurely stroll with a picnic basket could be called this word. Others believe that the campaign is necessarily a life in tents for several weeks or a dangerous rafting on the rapids. These are different levels of risk, physical exertion and responsibility. Of course, pregnant women should forget about extreme Hiking in the rocky mountains without insurance, spelunking and visits to remote places where difficult to get to the nearest medical facility. But the usual retreat for a few days with tents — readily available for moms to rest. It is desirable, however, that such visit was carried out on the cars, not public transport. This will help in an emergency to quickly get to the nearest hospital.

The necessary constraints

There are several reasonable restrictions that apply throughout pregnancy. Expectant mothers should not lift weights, drink alcohol, overeat or to overestimate their physical condition. Even if before pregnancy a woman could make the transition to fifty miles a day, with the baby in it is necessary to forget. With weight change, potrebnosti oxygen and other circumstances have to be considered.

Don't forget about additional precautions. During the nights you must be warm, windproof place. If you are going to go camping in the hot season, bring several changes of clothes. During a hike do not drink unboiled water, do not eat suspicious food. The body, weakened by pregnancy, can not cope with small troubles. It is not necessary to go far from "civilization" in the later stages, especially the end of the third trimester. Birth in the woods only sound romantic, without proper training such an adventure can not very well be over.

Before leaving to the forest to take care of all your charging phones, it is very important to stay in touch just in case. Don't forget that you are assigned medication and support things like brace.

Outdoors is a great way to calm the nerves, to relax from the city noise and to prepare themselves for the birth of the baby. But if you are experiencing contractions, there was an unpleasant signs of bleeding, swelling appeared or began vomiting, postpone the trip and go to the doctor. It is not necessary to go into the forest if during pregnancy you feel not too confident, lack of comfortable conditions for life may aggravate your condition.