Vomiting is not a pleasant phenomenon that threatens human digestive problems, so a few days to adhere to a special diet, then the body can recover and you can live a usual life.

Diet after vomiting

Vomiting is dangerous because it causes a great loss of liquid, which is urgently needed to compensate. This will need to begin your diet with liquids. They must be clean, like water, juice, weak tea or broth. Avoid milk and soups. It is important to remember that out of the body with the fluid output of mineral substances, for this reason, doctors suggest to consume the juice of apples or cranberries. But first they added a pinch of sugar or salt. Drink them slowly, without haste, and pharynx should not be more than 30-60 grams. So juices will not re-irritate the stomach. The frequency of drinking of a liquid depends on the reactions of the body and it is necessary to define their own well-being.

Doctors do not recommend after vomiting to drink cold beverages because they irritate the gastric mucosa. The best option are beverages at room temperature. Soothe the stomach is still possible syrup from Coca. In this component there are digestible carbohydrates that beneficially affect the mucous membranes.

Food after vomiting

After vomiting you need to adhere to a certain food, which should contain carbs. The ideal option would be gelatin jelly. It will help the stomach lining to settle down and recover its function. You can also include in the diet of toast, crackers or croutons, as long as they do not contain oil.

After vomiting, do not forget about protein foods. You can boil the chicken Breasts or fish. Also digestion will establish rice porridge or chicken soup, from the surface which you want to remove all the fat. If there is no desire to eat these meals, then you can do a puree of apples, it is good soothe the stomach and quickly return to a normal diet.

Fatty foods

Often people, feeling better, starting to eat fatty foods. It just can not do that, as vomiting may come back again. Here are the consequences will be more serious. It is known that the fat may remain in the stomach long enough for this reason a person will experience a feeling of heaviness and bloating. Thus, to avoid such food for few days to avoid relapse.