Choosing shoes under pants, remember that you need to consider the features of your figure, the overall color scheme, clothing style, and most importantly — the style of pants and their compatibility with certain shoes.
Classic direct version of the trousers, perfectly combined with trousers, blouses and jackets, requires a high-heel or platform. The ideal option is a classic pumps heel. Depending on the solemnity of the situation can choose pumps or flat shoes, or elegant shoes. Remember that pants can not be combined with ballet flats, loafers and sports shoes. In cool weather stop your choice on the leather or suede shoes calm colors and with the minimum of decoration.
Lovers of bell-bottom trousers must clearly understand that wearing these pants only shoes with high heels, otherwise the flare will be reconstructed. Know that stylish and elegant flare looks at if from under the pants looks just a piece of footwear. Are appropriate clogs, wedge shoes.
With flared pants, sporty style is boldly wear sneakers. If you want to look taller and slimmer, give preference to shoes with heels or platform.
Skinny pants, a favorite of many girls and women due to its versatility and functionality, look great tucked into boots. Choose classic model of boots on a thin heel and a high riding flat shoes. In addition, the fit and ankle boots with heels or platform. Skinny look gracefully and with sandals and ballet flats, pumps and heels. A categorical "no" refers only to the combination with sneakers or any sports shoes.
Pants-pipes add a short jacket or a stylish jacket, a beautiful blouse, and the shoes select boots, sandals, high-heeled shoes.
Cropped trousers, allowing you to show a graceful ankle, look great worn with heeled mid-length and lace-up shoes with pointed toe. Summer is a good complement to the cropped pants will become the comfortable sandals. Not match each other heavy or bulky shoes and short pants. Remember that cropped pants should only be worn over shoes.
In the preparation of the image, consider the color scheme of your clothes and shoes. Black color pants goes well with black, beige, dark red color of your shoes. For grey pants pick beige, black, dark red shoes. Brown pants fit shoes brown, black and beige colors.