Male options: loafers, sneakers and oxfords

Jeans is a universal clothing for free time and travel. They can be worn in offices with a lax dress code. Choosing the right shoes will help to create a stylish ensemble, and favorably distinguish you from the crowd.

In the cold season jeans is to Supplement high lace-up boots, equipped with thick tread soles. It is important that the jeans were not too short, they should half to close the heel and free to lie on the front part of the Shoe. In winter, a very impressive looking model light gray, beige, brown, sand. The most elegant option - suede. If these shoes seem impractical, choose a model of a thick skin.

In the summer wear jeans with sneakers or loafers. Comfortable shoes for long walks and outings, loafers are a versatile option for the city - work, parties and other activities. With the classic blue and blue jeans look really good in light or bright loafers suede and nubuck. If you want to emphasize your originality, try on jeans with the oxfords with a contrast sole. Those who bright the shoes seem a calling, is to give preference to subdued shades of brown, blue or grey.
Bright shoes can keep the scarf or a scarf with interesting hue. The main thing - not to combine it with the tone of shoes.

Shoes and jeans: interesting solutions for women

Women's jeans come in a variety of styles. You can wear skinny skinny jeans, flared jeans or baggy pants casual. From the choice of jeans depends on the shoes that complement the ensemble. For example, with tight trousers-stretch can be worn a variety of high boots or a cozy ugg boots. Under the broad model pick stylish oxfords lace-up. Especially fashionable two-tone models - they can effectively emphasize a bag or belt in the same tone.
If you want to visually lengthen your legs, choose closed-toe shoes in the color of the jeans on a moderately high heel.

For everyday wear choose comfortable mocassins or Slippers of soft leather, nubuck or suede. These shoes are perfect for creating ensembles in style kezhual. Do not limit yourself to the usual black and brown colours - try bright trendy moccasins. Red, orange, bright blue or yellow variety to your everyday wardrobe.

Design models powder-coated, embroidery or sequins wear with the shoes original designs - for example, with open sandals on the platform or with fancy heels. The only option that doesn't go well with jeans - simply pumps. Ballet flats will fit only tall girls with long legs. If your parameters do not reach the model, choose the outdoor shoes with thick tread soles - they balance proportions and give you grace.