Spring and summer looks with skinny jeans

Skinny jeans is a great clothing for spring and summer. Tight-leg pants accentuate slender legs, and low rise will allow us to showcase the beautiful taut tummy. Your main task is to find suitable jeans to fashionable things.
Doctors don't like skinny jeans. The doctors warn that constant wearing of such pants can lead to various ailments. For example, tingling in the hips, back pain, fungi and rubs at the crotch.

Skinny jeans go well with light tunics. To attract attention, choose bright models, decorated with lace or embroidery. However, and fit more sleek upper, made from unbleached linen or cotton. In this set add accents with accessories. For example, gold belt, layered necklaces, wooden/leather bracelets.

If it's cool, wear with skinny trousers of jeans, simple top, over which drape cardigan knit. The last alternative can be a showy poncho with short sleeves. Add any of the jewelry: big earrings, a massive ring or a bracelet, eye-catching brooch.

Wonderful image will, if you pair skinny jeans with a classic top. For example, add to pants a white shirt and black/brown/gray jacket. The latter can be as short (to the waist), and elongated. As a rule, this kit needs no accessories.

With regard to suitable footwear, you need to start from their own preferences and created the kit. The perfect pair of skinny jeans will be the shoes and sandals with stiletto heels, platform or wedge heels. Also suitable fashionable sneakers. Ballet flats with skinny jeans are better to wear high only to owners of slender legs.

Skinny jeans on cold days

In autumn and winter you can also wear your favorite skinny jeans. But they need to be adapted to the changed weather conditions. The kits should be not only beautiful but also warm.

Look good skinny jeans are paired with a long sweater. You can choose a model with a high collar or a beautiful neckline. Over the sweater, wear a fur vest. Complete this look with a hat, gloves and large bag.
Jeans are convenient because they can be combined with any color. Basic rule: keep a kit in the same tone range that the image turned out solid.

Autumn wear tight jeans with leather jackets. Under the clothing, wear flannel shirts in a cage. Neck tie scarf: solid color or patterned.

Skinny jeans will be a perfect pair a classic coat. Wear it with a jacket or a simple blazer. If the coat has a belt – tie it. This will give the image of elegant negligence.

The shoes in this case you must choose with care. Avoid high dark of winter boots on a thick/thin-heeled shoes in combination with jeans tucked light. If you want to wear pants with this pair, you can purchase the model black or dark blue.

In the cold, choose the shoes easy and convenient. Will look perfect with skinny jeans women's boots solid sole, boots without heels, uggs and fur boots. For cloudy weather and stock up on fashionable rubber boots. You can also wear jeans with ankle boots, over which, for warmth, wear leg warmers.