What is cropping and why is it necessary?

Proper care for Apple tree requires pruning, otherwise the tree grows wild, and the fruits lose their flavor and shrinking. Order of the crown of the tree is creative work, but here there are a number of rules that ensures not only the access of sunlight to the leaves, but comfortable harvest (thinning, reduction of tree height).

Usually all manipulations with the crown held before macovigilance, i.e. in March-April and in early October, when the harvest has already been gathered. However, in the summer months, pruning is acceptable, especially if next year it is necessary to delay the timing of flowering of a tree, for example, in the case of unstable weather or spring frosts.

If the spring or last fall gardener is not able to produce proper care of the wood, summer is the time to address this gap. In the summer, in the spring to finish the unfinished work and to work out the details.

Rules for pruning Apple trees in summer

Often summer is the gentle care of the tree. In this case, the main rule should be - "do no harm". It is necessary that the tree recovered after removal of branches, to avoid excessive drying, and for this you need to choose a not too hot day for manipulation. Need to trim those branches that may interfere with the normal functioning of the tree that is infected, dry and sick. Leave the strong shoots, and those that do not withstand competition are removed.

It should be remembered that the sooner the tree bears fruit, the less processing it has to undergo. Young Apple trees it is best to cut a few weeks before the start of the growing season while they are at rest. Regardless of the type and age of the tree, don't get too carried away with cropping. Excessively intense work in the crown is able to reduce the fruitfulness of the tree and affect its General condition.

First you need to examine the place of previous treatment, to check how well heal the signs of a bleed, and consider possible errors. If the tree was cut not in the spring break out the fat shoots am blinded kidney, that is, produced the work which had to be done after the winter period.

One of the unwavering rules of the upper branch should be thinner than the bottom. Pruning is done after removal of the tops of young shoots, which are able to take tree power required for the cultivation of fruits. In General, the rules of processing branches in the summer are not much different from the same work in other periods.