You will need
  • - seedling Apple;
  • - the pruner;
  • - shovel;
  • - 2-3 buckets of water;
  • - humus;
  • - sawdust.
Fruit trees, including Apple trees, planted in the period of biological dormancy, when growth has already stopped or has not yet begun, that is, fall or spring. Experienced growers advise to plant seedlings in the fall, but the spring planting an Apple tree will be fine to grow and develop.
Prepare the planting hole in advance. This is best done in the fall or a week before planting. Pick on your plot is Sunny, wind-protected place. Dig a hole approximately 70x70 cm, fill it 1/3 humus or compost, then put the top fertile layer of soil and leave until planting.
After the purchase a seedling, inspect, cut off the dry and rotten roots and branches to living tissue slices sprinkle rastolchennym activated carbon. A couple of hours before planting dip the roots of seedlings in water.
To protect the roots from drying dip them in earthen or clay mash, diluted to the consistency of thick cream, with the addition of fresh mullein.
In the prepared hole and make a mound in the center. Put the seedling in it so that the roots evenly departed in all directions from the trunk. The roots spread to the soil filled the space between the roots evenly. The site of inoculation in soil is not zaglubljaja.
Fill the hole with fertile soil while the seedling slightly podrachivaya that the land has filled all voids. After the roots are fully covered, tamp the soil around the tree's feet. The toes should be positioned toward the trunk of the sapling, and the heel is to the edge of the pit.
Add the ground and once again seal the soil around the seedling. Do the roller at a distance of about 0.5 m around the tree and pour it liberally, it will need 2-3 buckets of water. If the hole is settled, add more soil. Over mulch the surface with manure, compost or sawdust, it will protect the ground from drying out. The layer should be quite thick, about 10 cm.
When planting multiple trees, place them so that between them the distance was not less than 4 feet. Otherwise overgrown crowns will interfere with each other, which will lead to the deterioration of fruiting.