Reasons for poor growth of Apple trees

The most common cause – inappropriate soil and climatic conditions to which young trees are unable to adapt. In areas where ground water is located too close to the surface of the earth, to grow an Apple orchard will not work if you do not build the bulk of the hills with a height of about 1.5 m. in Addition, you need to buy seedlings on a dwarf or medium growth rootstocks – the root system is at least suffering from excess moisture.

Sandy, superpackage and loam soils unfavorable for growing Apple trees and other fruit trees. They are poor in organic matter necessary for growth. In loamy areas has been an excessive amount of moisture stored in the upper layers, while sand – water shortage. Moreover, in snowy and frosty winter, the root system of the trees may die, despite the fact that the trunk was insulated.

To grow Apple trees on poor soils to dig holes with a depth of 1.5 meters, the bottom pour 15-20 cm of clay, and the hole covered with peat or topsoil. If you are going immediately after preparation of the pit to plant a tree, then a couple of weeks add the land, as the soil will settle on 10-15 cm

Failure to comply with phytosanitary standards can also have a negative impact on the growth of Apple trees. It is not recommended to plant young trees in the place where you killed the previous one for some reason. Before planting young plants growing side by side to be treated against pests, to whitewash the trunks up to the first fork of the branches. If the soil is infertile, it will not hurt to make a small amount of non-corrosive fertilizers.
Excessive amounts of fertilizers can kill young trees. If you have fertile soil, from fertilizer application can be dispensed with.

How to choose seedlings

Sometimes the cause of all failures can serve as a low-quality planting material. Do not buy varieties that are unsuitable for climatic area – they can get sick, do not grow or even freeze solid. It is best to contact the local nursery that sells seedlings.
To buy seedlings from private owners is not desirable – they can sell varieties of Apple trees that do not survive in the conditions of Siberia and the Urals.

When selecting young trees, pay special attention to root system – it should be well developed. The roots or trunk of seedlings should not be damaged, putrid spots. The stronger the tree, the faster it will root and begin to bear fruit.