You will need
  • - garden shears.
Such conifers as pine, grows annually. If you have a plot rooted small, say a four-foot tree, periodically arrange for him a kind of haircut that pine does not grow too much and are not shaded by other plants, preventing their growth. For this work, prepare garden shears.
Choose the right time for tree care. Wait until the spring in the pine branches formed a sort of "candle" (growth). After they stop growing, creating little embryos of future needles, start pruning.
Start processing from the top of the tree, and then proceed to cutting each skeletal branches separately. Leave the treatment of "penechki" the size of 2-5 cm Is necessary for the reason that accurately capture the stop increment is almost impossible. It is better to start pruning a little earlier completion of growth "candles", but the cut has finally grown needles is undesirable. It is possible that the cropped part of the later is a little older, and ultimately the annual growth will 1-2 cm more.
Avoid treatment of circumcision growths on the needles. The tips from this turn yellow and acquire a slovenly appearance for a few years, because we live quite a long needle. If the needle is not damaged, that they eventually will rise and disperse; cropped sections of the place and the beginnings will not be evident, because the lower tiers grow medium.
With unstable weather during the season, some growths may develop later than usual time. In this case, decide separately what to do with each of them. Start from the General form of the crown. If the candlestick does not spoil the appearance of a tree, leave it untouched. Prune only those gains that are significantly struggling from the entire series. Proceed with care, keeping the needle. The years when such care pine will be tidy, not too high and rather fluffy.