The result of daily showering

Often take a shower forced the people involved in dusty work: mechanics, miners or builders. Modern working conditions involve clean offices, if necessary, the results of the overalls, people arrive by car or use public transport, so there is no need to wash in the bathroom every day.

Dermatologists from around the world are active in fighting so-called excessive neat, as paradoxical as it may sound. The reason is not that it requires a lot of time or money on personal hygiene, frequent washing of the whole body is harmful and fraught with unpleasant consequences.

Harmful or helpful daily shower?

British scientists have conducted experiments which have proved that to wash fully every day is not necessary, as this is dangerous for the human body.

Human skin is covered with a protective layer consisting of organic acids, beneficial bacteria and sebum. Hot water with the hygiene deprives you of the protection. As a result, the skin dries up, forming cracks and wounds, through which you can easily pick up any infection. Even human sweat brings the skin a favor, as it includes antibacterial dermcidin.
To restore the protective layer, the body needs nine or ten hours, and people who shower two to three times a day, leave no chances of his skin.

In addition, it is considered undesirable and a long bath. Prolonged water exposure causes wrinkles and stretching of the skin, which should subsequently recover, but this ability is lost with increasing frequency of washing.

If you have no opportunity to wash in a bath 2-3 times a week, you should remember a few rules to minimize harm to the body. Note on temperature - in the summer it is possible to wash the body with cool water, and in winter, despite the cold, it is not necessary to wash in the boiling water. In addition to drying out the skin can make you allergic to hot water. Try to use less hygiene products: liquid soap, gels or scrubs for the shower.
Wash with decoction of herbs, such as succession, calendula or chamomile, which are known for rejuvenating, softening and soothing effect.

Whatever it was difficult to change the daily regime and old habits, but it is necessary to take this step. As a result, you will receive the beauty and health of your body, as well as attractive and youthful appearance of the skin.