Why wash can be harmful

Through research, scientists have found that daily hygienic procedures can really provide some harm. But not in all cases. Negative impacts occur when a person is often hard to clean with antibacterial soap, which completely destroys the top layer of the skin is an extremely thin fatty film that protects it from external influences and bacteria. This film provides elasticity and fresh look of the skin.

Of course, from time to time it needs to come off to give you the opportunity to receive a new layer, clean and refreshed. But if you do it too often, the skin doesn't have time to recover. This leads to several consequences. First, it is micro cracks that form on dry skin, which are easy to get germs, causing inflammation. Second, the skin pores begin vigorously to produce sebum to cover the lack of it. If your skin was already oily, it gets even fatter.

To negate the negative effect of bath procedures, but do not become messy, you can suggest a few things. For starters, don't use harsh cleansers. Do not wash with a washcloth daily: if you have not had heavy exercise, just enough to rinse the body. Next, adjust the usual temperature of the water. It should not be too hot.

Daily shampooing

Should I wash my hair every day: that was the question for many is not even worth it. If the hair is short and they need to stack, then do it, without washing the head, often almost impossible. However, the problems this can cause are the same, but added another one: frequent washing, the hair begins to fall out.

How to reduce the negative effects to a minimum? Almost the same. Choose an appropriate shampoo. If you wash your hair every day, the shampoo should be appropriate. Usually in this case, write on the bottle: "Suitable for everyday use".

Don't wash your hair with hot water. After bath treatment, rinse the scalp with cool water. It will narrow the hair follicles on the head, so combing you will not lose more hair than usual.

Do not forget about the variety of balms and conditioners, which allow hair and scalp to "bounce back" after a shock from washing. Do not dry your hair immediately after turned off the water. Give them 10-15 minutes to dry, during this time, you can wet them further with a towel. As well as, carefully approach the choice of the comb, so she doesn't rip the hair out. Since after washing the hair follicles are always somewhat relaxed, it is better not to comb wet hair.