Advice 1: How to knit knitting easy booties

First booties shoes for infants — started to do in France. They got their name by the name of its inventor shoemaker Pina. The first shoes were made of soft leather, and later they began to sew of fabric and knitting. The simplest way to tie booties socks (front surface) and a mating garter. The seamstress enough to have the basic skills in knitting, to be able to do a stacked row, knit front and back loop.
How to knit knitting easy booties

Materials for knitting bootees and calculation loops

For simple knitting pinetok you will need 1 skein of a soft yarn of medium thickness (about 200 m / 100 g), 5 spokes №3,5.

Start knitting booties with soles. To fit toddler, make pattern and calculate the required number of loops. To do this, place the foot on a sheet of paper in the box and circle it. Specify the line of the sole. The result should be an oval. In places the fillet count the number of cells for obivok and raise. One cell — 1 loop.

Crochet soles

Dial 8 loops (this number is calculated for crochet booties for newborn 0 to 3 months). The first row and all subsequent knit front. The following make allowances. To do this, remove the edge. The basis of the following loop provarite the front, continue to knit to the last St of the row, again do a raise, provyazat loop at the base of the penultimate, and finish a number of other. Crochet flip and provarite next row without increases. Knit thus making increase 2 times in every second row.

Then knit the sole right to 32nd row, and then begin to make obuvki also in every second row. For this promazyvaya 2 loop after and before edge. Leave the loops of the last row of sole on the needle and continue to knit the sock.

Knit sock booties

Now you need to jump on the knitting with five needles in a circle. Take the second needle and raise her 18 loops on the widest part of the sole. 7 the third type of loops — for narrow and 18 again hinges on the fourth needle. Next knit in a circle facial loops without obivok and raise. Thus provarite 7 circular rows, and proceed to the formation of the toe part booties.

For this provarite 6 loops from one of the short edges of the booties. The last loop of a number of transfer to left needle and provarite 2 loops together. Next row knit purl, proverite the same 6 loops, and the last transfer to left needle and knit 2 stitches together purl. Continue knitting in the same way until all four spokes will not remain for 7 loops.

Knitting cuff

Go to circular knitting on five needles. All loop knit facial. Make 3-4 series, in the following vivacite holes for the strap. To do this knit 2 stitches front and make a yo. After it provarite 2 loops together, tie another facial and again, do yo. Rotate the front loop and yo to the end of circular row. The following provarite all facial.

Then go to the knit cuff rubber band 1x1. For this alternate 1 front and 1 reverse, while in the next circular rows of front loop of the previous row also knit the front and purl — purl loops.

At the height of 5-7 cm knitting done. Second associate's booty is similar to the first.

Cut thin satin ribbon with a length of 25-30 cm So that it did not dissolve, the edges of the sear lighter. Insert it into the prepared hole and tie a bow.

Advice 2: How to knit booties sole

Booties - a great item of baby shoes for the baby, giving the knitter the opportunity to dream up both in the choice of style and finish. The upper part of these wonderful shoes can be variously decorated: tally folds, lace, straps, laces with pompoms. The lower part of the sole, though simple and ugly, but is functional and should be knitted carefully to make your baby comfortable.
There are many variants of how to crochet bootieshow knitting and crochet.
Crochet booties crochet start with the soles. Tie a chain of 15 loops and another for lifting series. Not to be mistaken with the size measure in the following way: the length of the chain is approximately equal to the distance from the bases of the fingers of the child to mid-heel.
Next, from your chains start to knit polostevichi. Get a very dense knit that is perfect for soles. The columns of knit stitches with one and without nakida. Columns with nakida one is knitting in which loops of one knit two columns.
The last row of the sole ties round next polytypical. Sole also can be linked one by columns with nakida. That is, in areas of curvature of the sole from one air loop vivaselecta 7 columns with nakida.
When knitting the sole bootees knitting all also very easy and simple. Sole knit hosiery knitting. Dial 5 loops. Provarite the first row of facial loops. At the end of each of the next 4 rows add 2 loops.
Thus, work with 13 loops. Knit 20 rows, then add one more loop at the beginning and at the end of the front row. Through the personal number of repeat increase and knit 6 rows, work 17 loops.
Next is to diminish the loop at the beginning of each row: 2 times and 2 two times - one at a time. Close the last 5 consecutive loops.
The sole is ready.
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