Baby's booty consists of several parts. According to the structure booties are similar to boots or shoes. In order to understand how to tie booties knitting or crochet, need to know that their soles have to be without seams, smooth. The kid in this case will be much easier and more comfortable – the seam it will not disturb. Thus, if you knit, you cook oval or rectangular cloth, if hooks, vymazyvaja in a circle an oval. In both cases, you can bind the sole with patterns. But the upper part of the bootees can be quite unusual: like a regular waist band and zip closure, and drawstrings and even with the lacing. You can do it either Lacy or dense.

It is very important for knitting children's clothes to choose only the safest materials. Today synthetic materials rarely cause allergies in babies. However, if the child has been observed previously skin reactions, it is better to choose the cotton yarn. It is important to note that even in the wool can occur allergies. In addition, yarn is better to choose soft and pleasant to the touch not only in reel but also in the finished knitted fabric.

Tie booties by yourself very easily. When compared with the socks that are usually tally by 5 five spokes, booties can be easily linked and 2 spokes. In this case, the hooks get to associate simple models and unusual tracery, such as summer shoes. It is important in knitting pinetok the absence of seams. If they cannot be avoided, then follow them through the edge stitches without scars on the inside.

Ribbon, ornaments, anything you want to sew on the booties that attach to the kid did not rip them off. To take measurements for knitting you'll need a sheet of paper. Spend arbitrarily on one side of the paper line, apply the heel of the baby and mark where the end of the thumb. To the calculated length, add one centimeter to booties was sitting quite freely and not put pressure on leg toddler. The width of the foot measured at the widest location. If you have difficulty with the fittings, it is possible to take into account the following dimensions: up to 3 months about 9 cm, up to 6 months 10 cm to 9 months approx 11.5 cm