There are many variants of how to crochet bootieshow knitting and crochet.
Crochet booties crochet start with the soles. Tie a chain of 15 loops and another for lifting series. Not to be mistaken with the size measure in the following way: the length of the chain is approximately equal to the distance from the bases of the fingers of the child to mid-heel.
Next, from your chains start to knit polostevichi. Get a very dense knit that is perfect for soles. The columns of knit stitches with one and without nakida. Columns with nakida one is knitting in which loops of one knit two columns.
The last row of the sole ties round next polytypical. Sole also can be linked one by columns with nakida. That is, in areas of curvature of the sole from one air loop vivaselecta 7 columns with nakida.
When knitting the sole bootees knitting all also very easy and simple. Sole knit hosiery knitting. Dial 5 loops. Provarite the first row of facial loops. At the end of each of the next 4 rows add 2 loops.
Thus, work with 13 loops. Knit 20 rows, then add one more loop at the beginning and at the end of the front row. Through the personal number of repeat increase and knit 6 rows, work 17 loops.
Next is to diminish the loop at the beginning of each row: 2 times and 2 two times - one at a time. Close the last 5 consecutive loops.
The sole is ready.