Prepare all the necessary for the procedure. The syringe boil for 3-5 minutes, then drain it from the water and set aside until the side she will need later. Also prepare irrigation solution. If you have inflammation of the nasopharynx, use a solution of sea salt (1 teaspoon per Cup of water). In case of allergic reactions, when there is swelling, rinsing, use decoctions of herbs, suitable chamomile, celandine or nettle. Steep raw material in the dose specified on the package with the tool, but before the procedure, dilute the broth clean boiled water twice.
If you have a stuffy nose, rinse it will be quite difficult, because the solution will not be able to move through the nasal passages because of the large amount of mucus. Previously drip into each nostril and blow your nose vasoconstrictor drops. If you are allergic to the drops, not to aggravate the situation, and better drip nose aloe.
Go to the sink, or set a large bowl. Type in a syringe a solution or broth. Tilt your head down and start again not a strong stream hit in one nostril, the liquid should flow through the mouth, so keep it open. Thus rinse both nostrils, but the pressure coming through the syringe of water gradually increase, so you will achieve maximum effect.
Rinse the nasal passages several times a day. If you do it to cleanse not only the nose and the throat from bacteria, and carry out the procedure 3-4 times daily in the acute stage, and the improvement of 1-2 times a day. After washing can spray the throat and nose sprays plant-based, composed of different essential oils softening the mucous membrane and contribute to its healing.