You will need
  • - certificate of entry into the right of inheritance;
  • - documents from the police confirming that the owner of you;
  • - Declaration 3НДФЛ, confirmation of all income, taxable personal income tax and payment thereof for the year statement of tax deduction (only if you inherited the car was in your ownership less than 3 years).
The first thing you need to do is to go to the notary at the place of residence of the deceased and to decide on joining the right of inheritance. It will have to present a document proving your identity, certificate of death of the testator and all confirmations of your right to inheritance (e.g., kinship) and belonging to the deceased property. In the case of a car it could be a data sheet indicating the name of the deceased as the owner.
The procedure of succession is very long and cumbersome and involves an average of at least three visits to the notary. To begin it must be within six months after the death of the testator, otherwise all his property goes to the state.
Upon completion of all formalities at the notary, you have to put the car on accounting in traffic police at the place of their residence. As a document on the machine you are bringing a document from the notary of inheritance. The rest is the same as for car registration, which became the property for other reasons.
You must provide a standard set of documents, to present the vehicle for inspection and pay the state duty, in particular, for changes in registration.
Before the sale you can remove the car from the register, but this is optional. Enough to write a power of attorney for conclusion of this formality the new owner.
To sell a carlike any other, through the Commission of the dealership (including to make a deal through it with self-found by the buyer) or to conclude the contract of purchase and sale, including the contract in the simple written form without notarization.
The option of clearance sales by proxy is better not to consider how fraught with considerable problems for the seller and for the buyer.
An important point that should pay attention. When joining the right of inheritance you don't have to pay tax on the value of inherited property. But his selling is a different deal, and if the machine belonged to you less than three years, the obligation to pay personal income tax you have.
Although you can exercise your right to a tax deduction. When the price of a car up to 250 thousand. tax will not have to pay, but that does not relieve seller's responsibility to declare all your income, taxable personal income tax for the year in which you sold the car, and attach to the Declaration confirming his and all the tax paid documents and the statement with the request to grant the property tax deduction.
If you owned a car more than 3 years, nor to submit the Declaration or to pay tax is not necessary.