Advice 1: How to remove an inflammation of the cuticle

Given the age of the woman, so they must be well cared for. Healthy cuticles and nails of the correct form are key to beautiful hands. Since the cuticle is exposed to various mechanical damage, they need to know how to clean and handle. If still there is inflammation, you should immediately remove it.
The cuticle

Why the cuticle is inflamed and it is accompanied by

If the damage area around the nail, it can become inflamed. As a result of mechanical damage to the cuticle may be a fungal infection, which you need to know how to fight.

Inflammation of the skin around the nail may be accompanied by various unpleasant symptoms. Among them include swelling and redness of the cuticle. When severe inflammation may experience pain and itching.

To injure the periungual tissue just. Enough to cut off a lot of skin. This often happens when a woman is in a hurry and lacks time to lead hand in order. The consequences of this haste can be not only small wounds, which heal after some time. When trauma to the cuticle may develop inflammation. It occurs because of contact with the wound with chemicals or infections. It could face serious problems, until suppuration of the periungual tissues.

The main reasons why the cuticle is inflamed, include:

- the fungus infection;
- contact with infection in the cuticle;
- Allergy to nail Polish, or a liquid to remove it;
- damage to the nail cuticle;
- Allergy to household chemicals.

It is time to pay attention to the damage to the cuticle, otherwise it may develop inflammation. With the defeat of the periungual tissue bacteria abscess occurs between the nail and the cuticle. The area around the nail is starting to hurt and itch. In people, this inflammation is called "hair".

How to treat inflammation of the periungual tissues

Even when purulent inflammation treatment cuticle can try at home. If you are not sure you will be able to cope with the problem yourself, contact a specialist.

In order to reduce inflammation, you need to be hydrogen peroxide, pointed tweezers, bandage, nail scissors and iodine. Only prepare the necessary tools, you can proceed directly to the case.

Forceps should be pushed the cuticle so to make room for the output of abscess. Push the pad of your finger to pus came out. Then wash the area around the nail with hydrogen peroxide. Then treat the wound with iodine and wrap finger bandage. With proper treatment the cuticle will heal in a few days. Sometimes it requires repeated washing of the wound with hydrogen peroxide.

If the pus from the wounds can't be removed completely, you need to put on the infected area some ointment Vishnevsky. After she pulls the pus, rinse the wound. Improper handling infected region can lead to extensive inflammatory abscesses.

Inflammation of the cuticle is not always purulent. It may be accompanied by redness of the periungual tissues and itching. To cure the cuticles, you can use the people's recipes or therapeutic baths. Alternatively, it is possible to consider a decoction of thyme and chamomile.

Advice 2: How to quickly reduce inflammation on the face

Causes inflammation of the facial skin a lot. It's a serious cause for concern about the condition. Often inflammation due to diseases of the internal organs, endocrine disorders, blockages of the sebaceous ducts of the skin due to adverse external influences and etc. the Advice of your doctor will help to identify the causes and ways of eliminating pathology. The outward manifestation of inflammation in most cases you can fix at home.
How to quickly reduce inflammation on the face
You will need
  • - fresh parsley;
  • - raw potatoes, egg yolk, lemon, vegetable oil, copper sulfate;
  • - quince, egg white;
  • - grapefruit, camphor alcohol;
  • - white clay, talc, milk, chamomile ice;
  • - cherry, starch.
Frequent cause of inflammation is the increased sebum secretion and irritation of the facial skin. There are many ways of folk medicine, allowing to cope with this problem. Take a bunch of freshly picked and washed parsley, finely chop and pour a glass of boiling water. Leave for half an hour in a warm place, then drain the infusion and letting it cool, pour into molds for ice. Freeze them and wipe the morning and evening the skin with pieces of ice.
When internal abscesses on the face, clogging of sebaceous glands prepare the following tool. Grate it finely 100 grams of raw potato, add 1 egg yolk raw eggs, the juice of one lemon, a tablespoon of vegetable oil and a pinch of copper sulphate. Thoroughly mix the mass. Apply the mixed composition in the morning on problem areas of skin for 20 minutes. Removing the mask, rinse your face acidulated with lemon juice with warm water. Apply the mask 2 times a week.
At the same time take in the morning an hour before Breakfast, ½ Cup of juice of raw potatoes. The course of treatment is 1 month.
Quince mask perfectly tightens pores, eliminates greasiness and smooths large wrinkles. RUB on a small grater one quince of medium size, a pulp, mix with beaten egg whites and apply on your face. After 30 minutes, rinse with warm water.
Perfectly removes inflammation of the skin lotion of grapefruit juice. Squeeze the juice of one fruit, add 10 ml of camphor alcohol. Daily wipe the face lotion is prepared at night.
Take 5 grams of white clay and talc, add 2 tablespoons of milk and stir until smooth. The resulting composition apply on face for 20 minutes. The mask is dries the skin and narrows pores.
Effectively relieves inflammation of the cherry mask. Squeeze the juice from cherries and mix with an equal quantity of starch. Apply a pre-cleansed face mask cooked for 20 minutes. Rinse with warm water and wipe with a chamomile ice cube.
Useful advice
When inflammation of the person quickly to help mask the pumpkin pulp, ripe tomatoes, fresh cucumbers, smolotoy cabbage, mashed berries of red and white currants, apples, etc.
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