Why the cuticle is inflamed and it is accompanied by

If the damage area around the nail, it can become inflamed. As a result of mechanical damage to the cuticle may be a fungal infection, which you need to know how to fight.

Inflammation of the skin around the nail may be accompanied by various unpleasant symptoms. Among them include swelling and redness of the cuticle. When severe inflammation may experience pain and itching.

To injure the periungual tissue just. Enough to cut off a lot of skin. This often happens when a woman is in a hurry and lacks time to lead hand in order. The consequences of this haste can be not only small wounds, which heal after some time. When trauma to the cuticle may develop inflammation. It occurs because of contact with the wound with chemicals or infections. It could face serious problems, until suppuration of the periungual tissues.

The main reasons why the cuticle is inflamed, include:

- the fungus infection;
- contact with infection in the cuticle;
- Allergy to nail Polish, or a liquid to remove it;
- damage to the nail cuticle;
- Allergy to household chemicals.

It is time to pay attention to the damage to the cuticle, otherwise it may develop inflammation. With the defeat of the periungual tissue bacteria abscess occurs between the nail and the cuticle. The area around the nail is starting to hurt and itch. In people, this inflammation is called "hair".

How to treat inflammation of the periungual tissues

Even when purulent inflammation treatment cuticle can try at home. If you are not sure you will be able to cope with the problem yourself, contact a specialist.

In order to reduce inflammation, you need to be hydrogen peroxide, pointed tweezers, bandage, nail scissors and iodine. Only prepare the necessary tools, you can proceed directly to the case.

Forceps should be pushed the cuticle so to make room for the output of abscess. Push the pad of your finger to pus came out. Then wash the area around the nail with hydrogen peroxide. Then treat the wound with iodine and wrap finger bandage. With proper treatment the cuticle will heal in a few days. Sometimes it requires repeated washing of the wound with hydrogen peroxide.

If the pus from the wounds can't be removed completely, you need to put on the infected area some ointment Vishnevsky. After she pulls the pus, rinse the wound. Improper handling infected region can lead to extensive inflammatory abscesses.

Inflammation of the cuticle is not always purulent. It may be accompanied by redness of the periungual tissues and itching. To cure the cuticles, you can use the people's recipes or therapeutic baths. Alternatively, it is possible to consider a decoction of thyme and chamomile.