Methods for the treatment of cuticles

For successful treatment, first eliminate the cause of the disease. Do not use nail Polish, put away washing, cleaning powder, dishwashing detergent and other household chemicals. During cleaning and washing, be sure to wear gloves. Do not cut the cuticles with scissors and try not to injure the skin around the nail plate.

For the treatment of cuticles, use a grapefruit, castor, apricot or lavender oil. The latter is a strong antiseptic, therefore it promotes rapid disposal of cuts, inflammations, cracks. Just lubricate the purified cuticle lavender oil 2 times a day.

In order to get rid of unpleasant feelings during inflammation of the cuticle, prepare a special ointment made from calendula and sage. Put in a saucepan half a Cup of calendula flowers, sage and 10 grams of vaseline. Heat the saucepan on a water bath. Once the vaseline has melted, remove the water bath, cover the bowl and leave overnight. If in the morning on the surface of the petroleum jelly will make the water, remove it. Again melt the mixture, strain the jelly and store it in a separate container. Using the ointment and treat the cuticles, causing it to inflammation. After a few hours the result will be.

It is also known treatment cuticle cornmeal. First wet the nails with water. Then sprinkle on the cuticle cornmeal and RUB it into the skin. After 15 minutes, rinse the flour with warm water and dry your hands. Conduct this procedure once a week. Tea tree oil is very effective for the treatment of hangnails. Use it in concentrated form, just applying it on the problem areas. Very useful to wipe the cuticle grapefruit peel, as it contains essential oils and vitamin C.

Diseases of the nails and cuticles, under which you should consult a dermatologist

If the treatment oils and ointments do not help, you should contact with your problem to the dermatologist. Perhaps the cuticle and the nail struck by the infection, fungal infection, paronychia or felon.

Paronychia is manifested in redness of the cuticle and periungual roller. The disease is infectious. It arises from the penetration of microbes in the injured cuticle or under the nail plate. Paronychia can cause pathological changes in the nails. Sometimes there is a thickening or darkening of the nail plate. And on the nails can appear cross-striations. Paronychia is treated with antibiotics, vitamins and means of external use.

A felon is a purulent inflammation of the cuticle. This disease is also occurs because of dirt that is entered into wounds, cuts, and cracks around nails. The main symptom of the disease - festering bubble under the nail or around the nail shaft. Touching a bubble causes pain. You may feel a burning sensation. A felon cannot run, otherwise it will cause sepsis, dehydration of the nail and paralysis of the finger. To avoid surgery, time to consult a dermatologist. Do not open festering bubble of their own.