Let's start with skin. It should be smooth, velvety, pleasant to the touch. Of course, the hands each day can be a real test: washing dishes, Laundry, cold wind and chill. From all these factors, the skin becomes rough and rough, that's why the hands need to be protected from any adverse impacts, regularly causing nourishing and protective cream. If you have no one to delegate your responsibilities for cleaning the house and washing dishes, then be sure to use rubber gloves. By the way, a little trick: turn a hassle in Spa! To do this before you wash the dishes, put your hands on a small amount of olive oil and put the gloves under the influence of warm water the nourishing and moisturizing substances contained in the oil will be absorbed into the skin, making it smooth and velvety.
Always, and especially in winter, carry a cream with natural extracts, with a wound-healing effect, because in the cold season the skin is quite often cracks appear on it small fissures and inflammation. Lubricate the skin after each washing, first carefully wiping with a soft towel.
Nails, of course, also should be well-groomed and healthy. Therefore, given in order and their. Baths for hands is a wonderful way to bring beauty to the rough skin of the hands and nails. Better them with sea salt and essential oils, so you like the real mini-Spa session at home. Take a small amount of warm water, add two or three tablespoons of sea salt, then a couple drops of essential oils and drop in the composition of the hands. By the way, if you are not happy with the condition of skin, use in place of water decoctions of herbs, such as chamomile, which is perfectly refreshes the skin and disinfects wounds.
The skin around the nails should be given special attention, as it bears a rather important function - protection the root of the nail. It must be carefully and regularly to feed and once a week push back with a special stick or a spatula. From the usual "trimming" of manicure should be abandoned - it is very likely earn inflammation.
To shape the nails is by using a high quality nail files made of ceramics (more familiar to us metal still cause irreparable harm to the nails and cause peeling). The blade should always be clean, and easy to use. Better if it will not be chaotic, and aimed in any one direction.
Nail Polish will help to protect them from the adverse effects of the environment, however, paint should only high-quality lacquers to provide a safe (or harmless), a smooth and beautiful coating. The nail surface should also be smooth and polished (if necessary).