You will need
  • tissue or handkerchief
Take not too slippery cloth of rectangular shape. Sliding the satin fabric look better, but for the beginner it is very difficult to work with such materials. So, start with fabrics that don't slide, for example, cotton.
Cover your head with a cloth (handkerchief), placing it so that the head took up position right in the middle of the handkerchief, and the ends were exactly the same. Take the ends in your hands and pinch them together, then make them cross a little tightening. The cross should take place in the middle of the forehead. Then gently wrap the forehead, and the ends of the fabric get ago.
Make a knot from the ends of the scarf at the nape. Those ends that are left hanging, put on the forehead and make a neat knot. The fabric that I need to hide in the folds of the turban. Easier to leave the fabric the ends a little more, because they will be easier to fix in the folds of the turban. Your turban ready.
Try to make a turban of silk, that is, from the moving fabric. Take a square silk scarf and fold it so that in your hands was a triangle. Cover with cloth back, tracing the ends of the scarf. As in the first embodiment, they should be the same.
Pinch the ends of the kerchief in front on his forehead. Then make them cross that is right in the middle of the forehead. Then wrap a handkerchief over the head so that its ends turned back, on the back of the head. Make a knot in the back.
The corner of the handkerchief, which remained unused, lift and slide the knot to the rear. Your turban is ready, it will be suitable for cold protection, and for the summer the sun baked the head.