Advice 1: How to tie a headscarf Muslim women

Hijab - traditional Muslim clothing. But the European portion of the population associates the word with women's shawl first. Muslim women are required to wear it according to Shariah. Cover the hair, neck and ears, this leaves open only the face as a symbol of purity and chastity. How to tie a scarf?
How to tie a headscarf Muslim women
You will need
  • a rectangular scarf or stole,
  • - hair clips,
  • - pins
Take a large shawl of rectangular shape or stole. Cover his head, and the edges cut at the nape with pins. The handkerchief should be in the form of a cap with two long ends.
Then move it forward one of the ends of the tippet and put it on the opposite shoulder to the other shoulder when it is closed. Carefully secure the shawl with a pin on the shoulder, and pleats adorn the original.
Then take the other end of the tippet and, like the first, move forward. The neck must be closed. Now attach the end pin on his temple. Folds nicely straighten. Muslim headdress ready.
There are other options of tying a hijab.
You will again need a large stole of rectangular shape. Throw it on the head in the center, stabbing edge at the same time on the back of the head. Put the long hanging ends of the scarf forward and closing the neck, secure with a pin under the chin. Then beautifully wrap the edges of the stole around the neck. Use pins to keep the hijab is well kept.
Dual hijab is tied. First the bottom tie the hijab from a more airy material. A hair clip to secure the ends of the handkerchief under the chin. Then throw the top tippet made of thick fabric. The right edge of the scarf wrap around the neck so that he was on his chest. The left end of the overlap on the right and then print on the chest.
Another way to double hijab. Throw the head to the bottom handkerchief, the ends tie in the back, gathering hair in a braid. Top hijab do the same, tying it under the lower unit. Move forward the upper ends of the stole in the form of a cross. Wrap around the neck, and then with the help of safety pins or hair clips attach to the node on the back of his head. Beautifully smooth the fabric on his chest. Thus, you can get beautiful and at the same time, the Muslim laws and the headpiece.
Useful advice
Stylish hijab can happen if you combine several colors on the scarves. Also add to the original shawl pins or hair clips.

If the shawl slips off the head, first put on a tight cap.

Advice 2 : How to tie Muslim scarf

For Muslim women the headscarf is not only a tribute to traditions of our ancestors, but also a beautiful accessory which adorns it. And not just in a diverse color palette of scarves and ways of tying. And learn how to tie them pretty easily enough.
How to tie Muslim scarf
Under scarf is recommended to wear a special hat called the bonnet. It resembles a headband. With bonnet shawl will not slip on the head. In addition, the caps completely cover the hair. For clamping tissue to use a special needle or a safety pin.
Better to start with the simplest method of tying. Take a rectangular scarf. Place the narrow side of the scarf in the center and fold the ends back. Now bring the ends together and secure with a pin. Next, wrap the long side around the neck and again secure with a pin. Wrap the remaining fabric around the head and pin with the other hand. The longest part to hang freely over the shoulder.
You can tie a scarf and different. Take a handkerchief and put it on the crown of the head so that the long part was on the right side and short on the other. Now be sure to fasten the scarf under the chin with a small pin. It is important to remember that this method of tying the short side of the scarf should always be closer to the chin, and longer - on top of it. Now the long part of the wrap around the head just below the crown. Keep in mind that the lower the handkerchief, the more it will close the neck and shoulders. Then again tie the ends under the chin or on the side. To secure the scarf, it is necessary to pass the pin under the two layers of tissue of handkerchief. You can stab pins and left and right.
Now try to tie a triangular scarf. Fold the neckerchief diagonally to form triangle and place it on the center of the head. Index finger and thumb, hold both sides of the scarf. Press the ends of the handkerchief to cheek and begin to slowly twist one end of the scarf forward. Hold the fabric with one hand, pull the other end from under your ear. Further, the right hand wrap the scarf around the neck, while not forgetting to hold under the chin twisted end of the scarf. The remaining end to hang freely.
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