You will need
  • wax for hair removal;
  • heater for wax (to help melting wax faster);
  • microwave;
  • - tanks for water bath;
  • - steamer;
  • - a bowl;
  • - spatula.
Open the container of wax and remove it from the protective foil. Set the open container in a special heater (to help melting wax faster). If you regularly do hair removal at home, it makes sense to buy such a device. Please note that there are different types of jars with wax, cartridges, cassettes. Some of advanced models of heaters are versatile, they can heat the tool, regardless of its packaging.
Proceed according to instructions for operation of help melting wax faster. Modern appliances are supplied with a high frequency thermostats, so you do not need to constantly monitor the temperature of the melting point – it will be supported automatically.
If a special device for heating the wax you have, use a microwave. Make sure that on opening the package left the remnants of the foil. Time heating capacity will vary depending on the amount of the mixture in the vessel and the microwave power is from approximately 30 to 60 seconds. Usually on the package means refers to the duration of heating.
Prepare the remedy for hair removal in a water bath or in a double boiler. Using hot vapor, you can also melt the solid wax, which is usually sold in granules, disks and briquettes. Fill one saucepan with water, and set the dishes of a smaller size. The fluid level should not be above the level of the wax.
Put the saucepan on a high heat and keep the moisture in no case do not fall in a viscous medium, otherwise when you remove hair it can burn you, also the quality of the hair will become lower. Leave the dishes open.
When the water boils reduce the heat and continue to heat the wax. Keep it on the stove 5 to 10 minutes, depending on the amount of money in the Bank. Don't let the viscous fluid to boil!
Solid raw material into small pieces and place in a bowl. It can be installed on a water bath or steamer. Already at a temperature of 54 degrees will start melting wax. The process will be ended when all particles of matter will turn into a homogeneous mass.
Check the temperature of the wax, before we proceed to the cosmetic procedures. It should not exceed 60 degrees, otherwise you will get burned. Carefully stir the mixture, moving the spatula from the center of the vessel to the edges. Apply a small amount of substance on the wrist from the inside – the finished wax should be hot, but comfortable.